Anthony Black draws rave reviews after first Arkansas basketball practice

Anthony Black draws rave reviews after first Arkansas basketball practice

All six freshmen from the nation’s No. 2-ranked recruiting class are now at the University of Arkansas and are going through workouts this summer. The last one to arrive was Duncanville (Texas) five-star recruit Anthony Blackwho just completed a gold-medal run with the Team USA in Tijuana, Mexico at the FIBA U18 Americas Championships.

Black, 6-7, 185, missed seven or eight practices and completed his first one on Thursday. The reviews were strong for Black on Day 1, who was ranked the No. 14 overall prospect in the nation, the No. 1 1 point guard and the No. 2 overall recruit in the state of Texas.

“It’s one of my great disappointments so far is not going to Tijuana and getting a good burrito down there and watching AB play,” Arkansas coach Eric Musselman said on Friday. “We watched them all on a live stream, and I’ve talked to several of the coaches that were there with him.

Leon Rice, who I know really well from Boise State, he shared some great stories about AB in huddles and in practice and then some stuff in Tijuana that kind of shed some light on how he was interacting with those guys,” he said. practice was yesterday. Never seen a player come in the middle… First of all, in college guys usually don’t miss eight practices or seven practices, whatever we had. But he comes in and literally knew almost our entire playbook that we put in, so far.”

“Kind of speechless because I’ve gone through it all the time in the minor leagues, where guys are shuffling back and forth between the parent team and the minor league team. But he literally was asking about third and four options on the plays and we’ve got some guys that have been here since Day 1 that are still trying to figure out the second option. 3-man coming off the 4 down pin on the 50 set?’ And I was like, ‘Wow.’ Almost like a quarterback room… That’s what I thought I was in. I thought I was with an NFL veteran QB who was asking questions and had just missed a couple of OTAs or something.”

While Black brings an impressive offensive arsenal both as a scorer, distributor and floor general, his length will benefit him greatly on the defensive end. Early reports out of practices is this team with its length and shot-blocking ability is very difficult to score against…

“I think, obviously with his size, it’s really unique at the guard spot,” Musselman said. “He will be able to alter shots and contest and challenge perimeter shots with his length and size. But I think what’s going to happen is guys are really going to like playing with him, which is a characteristic that’s probably not talked enough about.

“I’ve only been around him for 45 minutes on the floor yesterday, but I think guys are going to enjoy playing with him, and he’s got a high IQ. He plays both sides of the ball,” Musselman said. “I think any time you have six freshmen, the weight room programs at the collegiate level are drastically different than high school weight lifting programs. We’re asking a lot of our strength and conditioning program this summer to try to get six players up to speed.”

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