Emoni Bates, Emmanuel Akot, other questions

Emoni Bates, Emmanuel Akot, other questions

The imagination can be a tricky thing.

It can be creative, convincing and compelling when given extra time and space to roam. It can also be delicate, deceptive, even dangerous.

Memphis basketball’s up-and-down offseason has given fans and outside observers plenty of fodder when imagining the possibilities for what the 2022-23 season will look like.

So, let’s entertain some of the more entertaining notions.

What if Emoni Bates comes back?

Wouldn’t that be a real head-spinner?

Bates’ ride at Memphis was not a smooth one. What began as an identity crisis (the ill-fated point guard experiment) and continued with some well-documented chemistry issues, wound up going almost completely off the rails when multiple injuries yielded reports that Bates’ time with the Tigers was prematurely up.

Then, Bates resurfaced and played spare minutes in both of Memphis’ NCAA Tournament games, only to opt for the transfer portal in April.

Two months later, though, the talented scorer’s future remains undetermined. Bates is reportedly considering the likes of Michigan and Louisville. It’s also possible he will choose G League Ignite or some other professional avenue.

But what if Bates winds up right back where he started? Sounds crazy, right? And it might be. But Memphis coach Penny Hardaway has said for one weeks of the things he’s still looking for is a shooter (or, shooters). Bates can certainly shoot. The Tigers have plenty of scholarships available for next season as well.

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