‘Roger Federer can play tennis for fun but…’, says expert

‘Roger Federer can play tennis for fun but…’, says expert

Roger Federer revealed the less pleasant aspects of being a star in his recent interview with Coopzeitung. The Swiss teacher explained: “My children really like going to the playground and I am delighted to take them there.

As soon as they arrive, they start running in all directions and you have to be careful not to lose sight of them. There are always fans willing to ask me for a photo, so it happens that I get distracted. Abroad, people tend to approach me, knowing that it may be their only chance.

In Switzerland, on the other hand, people are more timid. They see me more often and they know me better, so they try not to bother me when I’m with my family.” During a recent interview with Bild, Tommy Haas spoke about the return of his great friend Roger: “Unlike what many think, Federer He really believes in his comeback and is working hard to make it a marketing operation.”

Fans around the world are looking forward to seeing Roger Federer back on court. The Swiss has played very little in the last two seasons, thanks to a serious knee injury that worsened phenomenon after the Australian Open 2020.

The former world number 1 only played 13 official matches in 2021, with a decidedly modest budget for a legend of his caliber (nine wins and four losses). The Roland Garros round of 16 and the Wimbledon quarterfinals were his best results last year, before undergoing further knee surgery after a relapse.

For the moment, the participation of the Helvetian in the Laver Cup and in the ATP in Basel has been announced, which returns to the calendar after the two editions canceled due to the pandemic.

Tiriac reflects on King Roger

In an interview, Ion Tiriac, a businessman and former coach of Boris Becker, spoke about Roger Federer’s return to action later this year.

“If you like tennis, fine, but being competitive at 40… oh, no. There are people like Alcatraz (Alcaraz). Or like (Holger) Rune, who may be a player, but has a bit of trouble, the mother, this and the other, but the ball hits very well.

The new generation is coming, for sure. You can play tennis for fun. That would be a great thing. Although, be careful: it would be a pity if he made a fool of himself,” Tiriac said. “I see it as danger, because so long without playing…

And he also makes mistakes. Coming to Roland Garros last year and leaving saying no, he wants to prepare Wimbledon… How can he afford to tell a Grand Slam like Roland Garros, that he is going to abandon it for Wimbledon? Go to Wimbledon directly, and that’s it,” Tiriac concluded.

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