Is South Carolina really gaining on the Tigers?

Is South Carolina really gaining on the Tigers?

Silly season has begun, where the wild prognostications are thrown around to see what sticks.

Sorry to break it to you, but Clemson football will lose to South Carolina in football again some day.

When that day is, no one really knows.

There’s been a lot of debate, most of it from garnet wearing folks, about what’s to come in the Clemson – South Carolina “rivalry” over the next few seasons as – stop me if you’ve heard this before – there’s renewed hope in Columbia over the accomplishments of Shane Beamer’s first edition of Gamecocks.

Yes, a 7-6 season and a dip on Clemson’s end, has revived the Gamecocks hope of beating the Tigers again and it appears they’ve screamed so loud, so many times that others are beginning to believe.

I’m guessing Mike was too busy monitoring the transfer portal last November 27th to notice the “mortal” Tigers that “can be beaten” crushed the Gamecocks yet again.

Has South Carolina improved? Yes. Has Clemson regressed? Yes. Are they close? No.

Here’s the thing: To most rational people it’s really difficult to sell that you’re closing the gap when you get beat 30-0 on your home field in a “rivalry” game.

I’m not saying South Carolina doesn’t have an argument that they’re improved. I’m saying this isn’t it.

A 2022 recruiting class that was a Top 25 class also commences in Columbia with eight former 4-star players, notably safeties Keenan Nelson Jr., Anthony Rose, and Emory Floyd, linebacker Donovan Westmoreland, WR Landon Samson along, with 4-star QB Tanner Bailey joining the Gamecocks.

While Farrell mentions the top 25 class for South Carolina in 2022, he conveniently leaves out the Tigers top 10 class, as if that doesn’t matter. Despite the improvement in Columbia, the Tigers continue to bring in the better players.

South Carolina beat Clemson in the transfer portal, for sure and at one time I thought Spencer Rattler was going to be a Heisman Trophy winner.

At Oklahoma.

The talent surrounding him in Columbia is not the same as what surrounded him in Oklahoma.

This is another instance where Dabo Swinney hit the nail on the head

Farrell really gives it away at the end though, and I’m not sure he believes his own typing.

While Clemson is the lead program, don’t be surprised if the Gamecocks make the Palmetto Bowl a difficult one for the Tiger, steal a few games, and ruin a few seasons for Clemson.

While acknowledging the Tigers are the lead program, he couches his take in “don’t be surprised” language so he can be “right” either way before finally admitting the Tigers domination, as only heavy underdogs “steal” games and “ruin” seasons.

People mocked Dabo during the Gamecocks run from 2009-2013 when he said that Clemson would always lead in the series and (paraphrasing) that wouldn’t change for your grandkids or their kids.

If South Carolina won every game between the two from now until 2052 the series would be tied.

Dabo was right, yet again.

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