Dave’s new shot – Fort Bragg Advocate-News

Dave’s new shot – Fort Bragg Advocate-News

Dave Hautala has a new shot and it works. Last week playing with the Stabelford group Dave addressed the ball on the sixth tee took a measured swing and clubbed his ball to the left out-of-bounds. Dave’s ball clearly soared out-of-bounds in the vicinity of the telephone pole. Local golfers know the “telephone pole.” But wait as Dave’s playing group saw the ball go out and began feeling sorry for Dave just like that it flew back onto the fairway. Nice shot Dave your new shot strategy is working: Hit that clearly out-of-bounds tree, everyone feels bad for you, and smack there you are back on the fairway with a shot to the green. Risky but impressive.

Curious I asked Dave what he says when he hits a bad shot. “Well”, Dave said, “I say #*%^, and sometimes I say **%#.” Asking Bill Speak the same question Bill responded, “I hit so many bad shots lately I’ve run out of a response vocabulary.” Me I say “###%%**##” or “#*@*##*@##!” Some golfers don’t comment on their bad shot but instead wind up and hurl that bad club down the fairway or into the woods. Stay calm, breathe, it’s only a game.

How’s everyone liking the Little River Golf Course’s new EZ-GO golf carts? They have a different sound to them, a kind of low subtle rumble. Pro Shop manager Kathy Shepley is satisfied with them and reminds everyone that the cart key must be returned at rounds end. The old carts could be turned on at the beginning of a golf day and remain on all day without a key. The new carts require the key must be in the cart and turned on at all times when in use.

Underneath the Pro Shop television, there is a framed plaque announcing the third-place winners of the 1988 NCGA Four-Man Best Ball Tournament. The event was played at the Spyglass Hill golf course on July 7th and 8th, 1988. Representing the Little River Men’s Club at the tournament were notable local golfers Jim Larsen, Victor Mueller, Harry-the Golf Notes Writer-Fortune, and James Larson. The team won third place in a sudden-death playoff on the 2nd hole. It was noted on the plaque that Jim Larsen had consecutive birdies on holes 3,4 and 5. 1988 is thirty-four years ago. Thanks for the win guys. On June 26th the NCGA Senior, 55 and older, 4 Ball Qualifier is being played at the Little River course. Good luck to all.

Coming up right up there is a fundraising tournament to help Pamela Davenport Burdick and her family who recently lost their house and all contents in a fire. The event is slated for June 28th tee-off time at 3:30 followed by a dinner. All proceeds including green fees, cart fees, event entry fees, auction, and raffle go directly to the benefit the family. Sign-up sheet on Pro Shop bulletin board.

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