10 Best Workshop Maps To Play

Golf With Your Friends is a fantastic, chaotic game to play. Not only can you play a standard round of golf, but you can add in different abilities, such as being able to make the ball jump or perhaps playing with randomized objects from acorns to cylinders. You can have a lot of silly fun with this game, and it will have you repeatedly returning for more chaos. You can enjoy thirteen unique official maps and the latest DLC release. However, if you have already played through every course, there is much more content for you to enjoy next.

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When playing on Steam, you have access to countless community-created maps to try. Each workshop map is entirely free to play online. You simply need to subscribe to the map, which will be added to the game for you to play next. Only the host must have downloaded the map, and you’re set to go. Of course, as with all community-based content, some maps are far better than others. To help avoid picking overly frustrating golf courses, here is a list of incredible workshop maps that rival the official courses.


Lofty Links is a map created by Lors. The course shows you how much fun you can have in this wild golfing game. It uses pretty much all of the features added into Golf With Your Friends. You’ll encounter portals, jetpacks, trap doors, and more. Each level is quite varied, with different paths to navigate.

The theme of this wonderful course is floating Sky islands. You’ll be playing high above the forest below, often needing to jump across platforms to reach the flag. Despite these steep drops, the course isn’t too challenging. It’s difficulty raising just gradually over the entire 18 holes. You’re in for a fun time at Lofty links, with plenty of ways to make trick shots.

9 Golf With Your Ghouls

Golf With Your Ghouls offers a far more peaceful visit to a forest than other games provide. This golf course was created by Gaelktern and is set in an overgrown castle full of trees. These trees will often conceal secret routes you can take to get to the hole faster.

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Not only are there secret routes, but there are also secret holes that can ensure you a hole in one if you spot them. The course has a mixture of easy and moderately tricky holes. It can sometimes provide a challenge, but you’ll not be getting too frustrated with this lovely map.

8 To The Donut

To The Donut is a more recent release to the workshop created by Nozey0. The theme for this map is a little all over the place. It will take you from a forest to the desert and beyond. Eventually, building up to the giant donut for its last hole.

The holes on this map more than make up for the random theme. Each hole has a guaranteed hole in one. It is often disguised or hidden to the side, but there will always be an alternative path to take. Be warned, these holes in one are often challenging to accomplish. Luckily, the course itself is never overly challenging. You’ll have fun no matter what route you take.

7 GWYF From G To S

Xmichelleadams’ map celebrates why Golf With Your Friends is such an incredible golfing game. Every hole is a letter from the title of the game. The short course allows you to race through the entire 18 holes quickly.

There are many references to all aspects of Golf With Your Friends, decorated around the map or incorporated into different holes. Even with limited space on each letter, the course offers a lot of variety and is well worth checking out. You’re also likely to get a few holes in one if you’re lucky.

6 Who’s Hole Is It Anyway?

Who’s Hole Is It Anyway? was created by Iignorethis. The way this map is set up makes it feel more like the golf equivalent of an open-world game that you’ll be eager to replay repeatedly. No matter what part of the map you start on, you could aim for any hole of your choice. There is no clear set path. You can just swing wildly and see where you go.

It is random, chaotic, and often challenging at times. But it captures the silliness of Golf With Your Friends perfectly. It is a welcome change of pace from the standard golfing course.

5 LEAD! Fortress

This downloadable map was created by TheTopCat, and comes with a bit of a story. The idea is that the castle courtyard has been turned into a mini golf course while the queen is away. It’s a cute setup for a fun, chill course.

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This castle would be great to visit for any mini golf fan. Each hole has a pair of two, so you will not be caught up for very long. The course is very forgiving, yet it also gives you plenty of opportunity for impressive holes in one. While keeping the course small and compact, there is still a lot of variety and exciting obstacles to navigate.

4 The Pirate Bay

This pirate-themed map is incredible. It certainly rivals the official Pirate Cove map. Created by Alfredo, the course is wonderfully decorated, creating the feeling of a deserted island raided by pirates. It is consistent in its theme yet also incorporates features from other courses, such as the tube systems from the Space Station course.

Getting a hole-in-one on every single edition of this 18-hole course is possible. This will not be easy, though. The course is never frustrating but has a gradual difficulty that builds up until the very end.

3 The Caverns Below

Many games are full of hidden secrets for you to find, and that is also the case in many of the workshop maps available on Steam. This is especially true with The Caverns Below Map that Steindog released. As you play, there are so many secret holes and shortcuts to look out for.

The course even has a bit of a narrative, as you start in an ordinary forest town but begin to venture deeper and deeper into the caverns. You even go down a fun slide system to reach the caverns halfway through the course. Getting a hole in one on this map can be tricky, but it is very satisfying when you do.

2 Jailbreak

This workshop release by Joker is a lot better than the official Escapist crossover course. Once more, you are escaping a highly secure prison. You begin in a cell and must navigate your way past the guards and climb a wall to freedom.

This course gets really creative with its holes. There are always two options of flags to reach. More often than not, you will take very different routes to reach them. From slide systems to portals, so much creativity has been squeezed into this wonderful course. It makes you feel like the course is part of the escape attempt rather than just a theme to decorate the set. It is exciting and a must-play!

1 Valley Of The Ancient Things

This course (created by Grawlix) will make you feel like Lara Croft as you navigate treacherous mountains to reach the artifacts within the tomb. This course has a bit of a narrative, as you’re tasked with looting a sealed pyramid without setting off a terrifying curse. It is a fun theme that goes well with the wonderfully decorated course.

Many of the holes are vast and sprawling as you climb up or down rocky terrain. It is undoubtedly a more challenging map to play, but it is full of innovative features throughout. Without spoiling it, the final hole has an incredible surprise that goes along with the curse storyline. Check it out as soon as you can!

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