Alumni Spotlight: Heather Brown – Auburn University Athletics

This week’s Alumni Spotlight features Heather (Brown) Dunham! She played a major role during Auburn’s success in the early 90s, helping the Tigers reach the program’s first Super Six in 1993 where the team finished fifth nationally. The two-time All-American and All-SEC gymnast also exceled in the classroom, earning four Scholastic All-America honors.

Years: 1992-95
What was your major?

“International Business. I also went to complete a Master of Business Administration from Georgia State.”

What is your current occupation?

“I work at NCR Corporation – global inventory and supply line management.”

Why did you choose your profession?
“Honestly, I started at NCR to just gain a couple of years of business experience ‘in the real world’ and to utilize my degree. I am now toward my 20th year anniversary in September with NCR full of meaningful & relevant work experiences with unforgettable colleagues across the globe that I consider friends.”

How did Auburn prepare you to be successful away from the Plains?
“Auburn, specifically as a student-athlete, prepared me for real life that pulls you in so many different directions. It taught me about time-management, lessons, dedication, prioritization, and fulfilling commitments. These essential, non-academic life gave me the tools I have always employed to shine in my career and succeed in everyday life as a working mother & spouse.”

What advice do you have for current and future gymnasts?

“Take it all in! These are the fastest four years of your life. Enjoy the sisterhood of teammates that surround you every day. Cheer for each other; lift each other up; celebrate each other’s victories. You will never do life with a group of people who understand what you are going through more than right now!

What does Auburn Family mean to you?

“The Auburn Family exemplifies unconditional hospitality that I have never encountered anywhere else. It’s a friendly ‘War Eagle!’ from a perfect stranger, a hug from a former Auburn athlete that you haven’t seen in 20 years, and a genuine bond with the older Auburn generation as if you were actual family.”

Favorite moment or memory from your time on the team?

“Honestly, I look back on my time at Auburn and have so many favorites. The good, the GREAT, the bad, the ugly…they are all memories that I treasure and have shaped me to become the person that I am today.”

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