Coventry’s Mayo Quanchi Judo & Wrestling owner sanctioned by USA Judo

Serge Bouyssou, who owns Mayo Quanchi Judo & Wrestling, has been sanctioned by USA Judo and resigned his position as the Scituate High School wrestling team’s assistant coach.

According to a press release, the US Center for SafeSport — an organization that fights against emotional, physical and sexual abuse of athletes — issued a decision that said Bouyssou “violated the applicable policies as outlined in the SafeSport Code for the US Olympic and Paralympic Movement, “specifically “failure to report” claims.

“I can’t really talk about the case except that I vehemently deny the claims I did not report in a timely manner,” Bouyssou said. “It’s going to be going to arbitration but my legal counsel is not letting me speak on the matter. .

“I’ll be more than happy to discuss after it’s cleared up.”

Bouyssou said the claims stem back to October of 2019, which was the first time he “reported to police on that particular matter.” He said police investigated the things he reported, but there were no findings. He wouldn’t specify further.

The sanction isn’t finalized. Bouyssou, who resigned his position on the USA Judo board, said the appeals process is backed up and he won’t be able to appear until March.

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