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Danna Wincher is preparing Victoria East to take the next step as a volleyball team.

When she took over the program as head coach prior to the 2021 season, the Lady Titans were coming off a dismal 0-16 finish.

After leading her 2021 roster to an overall record of 11-22 (5-11 district), she is setting up her 2022 squad to go up against 6A competition throughout the season in hopes of preparing them for a possible trip to the playoffs.

“My goal taking from last year to this year, is just exposing them to more fundamental, a more fast system and not just that, just getting them out of this area,” Wincher said. “We’ve got to see more competitive teams, teams that we’re going to see in playoffs if we do get that far.”

Their first large test comes on Aug. 11 and 13, when they travel to Pasadena to compete against 6A teams in a tournament.

“I was able to get in some of the most competitive tournaments this year,” Wincher said. “I just knew from the past in order to be a true competitive 5A team, you have to kind of take the losses and the wins, but it’s more about the direction that I want for this program, and if we’re going to truly compete, then we need to go against the best.”

Here 2022 varsity roster, which returns five seniors, will also include three juniors and three sophomores.

They’re seeing the steps that their head coach is making to try to improve their team.

“We’ve really learned a lot and we’ve grown a lot. The season before we had coach Wincher, it was a devastating season, but we’ve gotten a lot better,” said senior setter Sarah Castaneda. “We’ve worked a lot better together, and I feel as though she’s really helped us grow as a team.”

East senior Emily Wall feels like this season, Wincher has been able to have more authority over the team.

“I think she’s more comfortable with us and she’s able to understand us more and work us harder and know that we’re capable of doing more, so she’ll push us harder,” Wall said.

Runge grad Wincher named East volleyball coach

From a young age, volleyball was always a passion for Danna Wincher when it came to sports.

Wincher credits this to the time that she has been able to spend with her players last year and this summer.

“I’m feeling very optimistic,” Wincher said. “This year, my team, I’ve had time to work with them in the offseason, so I’m kind of excited, ready to get the season going and and just to see that my team competes this year.”

East opens up their season on Aug. 9, when they host Floresville.


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