Mrs. Marvel DnD Build Guide

Kamala Khan, also known as Ms. Marvel, has always been one of Marvel’s most relatable superheroes. As an in-universe superhero fan who finds herself fighting alongside her idols as their equal, Kamala’s journey reflects the fantasies that many long-time Marvel fans may have had growing up. This relatability, alongside her unorthodox abilities, make her an excellent inspiration for a Dungeons & Dragons character.

While Kamala’s ability to morph and stretch her body is one of the most versatile superpowers in the Marvel Universe, the spells that resemble them aren’t available to the classes that can emulate Kamala’s acrobatic fighting style in D&D Fifth Edition‘s combat system. However, Disney+’s Mrs. Marvel made several drastic changes to the origins and nature of Kamala’s abilities, making building a character inspired by her much more manageable.

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The Best D&D Races for Ms. Marvel

Although Kamala is an Inhuman in the comics, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has altered her heritage by making her great-grandmother Aisha a Djinn, an interdimensional being native to the ethereal realm of Noor. As a result, a Genasi would be the most accurate representation of Kamala within D&D. Like Kamala, Genasi are humans who descend from a being native to another dimension, which in their case are the various varieties of genies that inhabit one of the four Elemental Planes that encircle the Prime Material Plane.

When choosing one of the four lineages available to Genasi, the Earth Genasi provides Kamala with a handful of appropriate bonuses. The Earth Walk feature allows Kamala to navigate difficult terrain without having to expend extra movement, reflecting her ability to use her hard-light constructs to navigate unencumbered. The Merge With Stone feature improves Kamala’s durability and maneuverability by giving her the Blade Ward cantrip, allowing her to tank attacks of opportunity against most enemies. At 5th Level, Kamala gains the ability to cast Pass Without Trace once a day, giving her and her allies even more options for maneuverability.

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The Best D&D Backgrounds for Ms. Marvel

As mentioned above, one of Kamala’s most iconic elements is the fairly average life she leads, so finding a background that reflects her down-to-earth lifestyle is essential. While Acolyte is a safe choice given Kamala’s status as an active member of her local Mosque, Folk Hero would also be an appropriate choice that reflects the positive reputation both her and her masked alter-ego have gained by Mrs. Marvel‘s season finale.

Folk Hero’s primary feature, Rustic Hospitality, could represent Kamala’s friends, family, and community’s willingness to stand up to powerful factions like the Department of Damage Control to protect her. Folk Hero’s two skill proficiencies also reflect Kamala very well, with Animal Handling and Survival acting as accurate representations of her kindness and strong will. On top of that, Folk Hero gives Kamala proficiency with one set of artificers’ tools, with weavers’ tools reflecting her creativity and love of cosplay.

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The Best D&D Class for Ms. Marvel

As a combatant who fights primarily with enhanced versions of her fists and feet, the Monk class is an excellent choice for Kamala from a thematic and mechanical standpoint. While it’s not an exact translation, Kamala’s journey towards self-actualization reflects the ideals of physical and mental self-improvement embodied by the Monastic Tradition a Monk assumes at the third level. Although every Monastic Tradition focuses on strengthening a Monk’s body and soul, the Way of the Astral Self fits Kamala perfectly.

All of Way of the Astral Self’s unique features allow the Monk to spend ki points to summon aspects of their spiritual selves, which perfectly mirrors Kamala’s ability to conjure hard-light constructs. With Arms of the Astral Self, Kamala can deliver devastating punches that deal force damage, one of the least-resisted damage types in D&D, and her abilities will only improve as she gains more levels. Visage of the Astral Self allows Kamala to don an astral mask that improves her awareness, and Body of the Astral Self gives her one-turn resistance to multiple forms of elemental damage. Finally, Awakened Self adds two additional points to her armor class and gives her an extra attack, all while reflecting the completion of Kamala’s journey towards personal and communal acceptance.

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The Most Important D&D Ability Scores for Ms. Marvel

As a Monk, Wisdom is Kamala’s most important Ability Score, followed very closely by Dexterity. Monks are already very reliant on Wisdom, but the Way of the Astral Monk allows Kamala to use her Wisdom modifier in place of her Strength and Dexterity when making melee attacks with Arms of the Astral Self. That means that getting her Wisdom score as high as possible should be a top priority for Kamala while leveling up. Not only will this allow her to make the most of her unique abilities, but it’s also an excellent in-universe way of replicating her personal development as she gains a deeper understanding of herself.

While it’s not quite as vital as Wisdom, having a high Dexterity stat is still essential for Kamala. For players who want to re-create Kamala’s acrobatic fighting style (or wish to be more frugal with their ki points), improving her Dexterity will be just as vital as building up her Wisdom. While not as crucial as Dexterity or Wisdom, players shouldn’t ignore Constitution, as it will ensure that Kamala can withstand the attacks that manage to pierce her defenses.

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The Best D&D Feats for Ms. Marvel

While Kamala can already conjure giant hands, the Telekinetic feat gives her access to the Mage Hand cantrip, giving her additional non-combat uses for her ethereal limbs while adding a point to her Wisdom score. Besides Telekinetic, Observant provides the same bonus to her Wisdom while giving her +5 boosts to both Perception and Investigation, two abilities that reflect her inquisitive nature.

For players who wish to improve Kamala’s combat prowess even further, Sentinel is an excellent choice, as it allows Kamala to stop enemies who attempt to squeeze past her to get at her more vulnerable allies. To ensure that these enemies don’t take Kamala down too easily, players might want to consider investing in feats like Tough or Durable so that she has enough health to survive long enough to retaliate.

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