Peninsula Ohio woman celebrates 100th birthday by bowling again

For more than 80 years, Marj Morgan has been bowling.

She’s been going to the same bowling alley in Cuyahoga Falls for 63 years. In fact, it remembers opening in 1959.

She details bowling her best game: a 269. And she describes breaking her hip just a couple of years ago on the 10th lane.

She first bowled in 1941, when she was 19 years old and never planned on stopping.

“Then on Easter last year, I was in my kitchen when I fell and broke my hip again,” the Peninsula resident said. “I wasn’t sure if I would ever get to bowl again.”

Marj Morgan bowls in the senior league at Clutch Lanes in Cuyahoga Falls with the help of her son

On July 15, Morgan returned to Clutch Lanes, 4190 State Road, to celebrate her 100th birthday early. And, with the help of her son, she started bowling again.

“My favorite thing about bowling is having a second chance,” Morgan said. “The ball always comes back to you.”

Clutch Lane’s manager Kathy Schneider said she was inspired by Morgan and the birthday party was a blast.

“Everyone is just so excited to see her bowling again,” she said. “I’m so happy we got to celebrate here. She’s in charge. She’s funny. And she is clear with everyone that she is here to bowl.”

Jerrel Morgan, Marj’s son, drives here to Clutch Lanes every Friday morning for bowling with other seniors.

He said he bowled with his mom and late-father for years, but his mom is the most competitive person he has ever met.

“At one time, she probably would smack you if you asked about using bumpers,” he said.

Marj Morgan, 100, flashes a smile while watching bowlers at Clutch Lanes in Cuyahoga Falls.

He said his mom is a good teacher, which Marj said is key to becoming a good bowler.

Marj said she and the other bowlers sometimes compete against each other for quarters. After winning the lot with a good toss, she spun around too quickly to point at her opponents, causing her to fall and break her hip on Lane 10 a few years ago.

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