Rescue Seconds Before Impact!

Zurich paraglider Kevin Philippe (34) falls like a stone

Rescue seconds before impact!

During his training in Spain, a Zurich paraglider finds himself in a life-threatening emergency. His umbrellas get tangled. He falls down like a stone. A second before impact, he manages to pull the final emergency parachute. Rescued!

He is one of the top 20 paragliding acrobats in the world. Kevin Phillips (34) has experienced many difficult situations in his career. He has already had to pull the record seven times on the reserve parachute. But the Bubicon ZH-trained polymechanic has probably never been close to the abyss on the afternoon of July 27. As the main parachute collapses and the reserve parachutes become entangled in the lines, Kevin Phillips uncontrollably threatens to fall to the ground. Miraculously, he manages to save himself at the last moment.

The Swiss championship will increase in two weeks. Kevin Phillips trains for it. He has been in Spain for two months. “I fly almost every day,” says Blick, the veteran paraglider. “I’m fit and ready.” This saved his life last Friday.

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