Ryan Carpenter brings his hockey journey full circle with NY Rangers

It was in the basement of his grandparents’ Staten Island home where Ryan Carpenter was first exposed to hockey.

He was often decked out in Rangers gear, banging around roller-hockey pucks with his older cousins ​​during one of their annual trips to New York.

Fast forward to today and Carpenter’s journey has come full circle. The 31-year-old forward signed a one-year, $750,000 deal last month to play for his favorite team, fulfilling a childhood dream while thrilling the rest of his family.

“My dad was a big sports fan of all the New York teams, and so I think naturally, as his firstborn son, I kind of just followed whatever he liked,” Carpenter said. “I remember at one point, I think I had all of the Ranger jerseys – home and away, blue and white, and then the Statue of Liberty one.”

Despite Carpenter being born and raised in Orlando, his father and New York native, Mike, didn’t let his three children forget their Big Apple roots. Ryan was too young to remember the Rangers winning their last Stanley Cup in 1994, but he can recall watching the VHS tapes with his father in the years that followed.

That left a lasting impression, with those memories flooding back when the opportunity to sign with the Blueshirts came along this summer.

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