Bailey Frederick/Emily Holzopfel Host Women’s Golf Camp for the House of Carpenters

Wheeling, W.Va. – At Wheeling University, we strive to uphold the mission of serving with and among others all year around. The Wheeling University Women’s Golf team did their part as Assistant Coach Bailey Frederick and senior Emily Holzopfel hosted a Women’s Golf Camp for the House of Carpenters. The Cardinals have partnered with The House of Carpenters, right here in Wheeling, West Virginia, and hosted the camp for the second consecutive year.

Frederick and Holzopfel hosted a group of around 20 kids over a three-day period to teach them the basics of the sport all while having fun at the same time. The first two days of the event were held at the House of Carpenters and had the kids go through different stations to learn the basics of the sport. They were split into two main stations, one working on their putting and the other working on their swing. Holzopfel and Frederick worked with the kids on their strokes and incorporated fun games that included a putting competition and a distance competition in the full swing area. On day three, the campers got to head to the driving range at Oglebay Park to show what they had learned while also having fun.

While they did learn the basics of the sport, the kids also learned about the integrity and life skills that you learn while playing the sport. Holzopfel and Frederick talked about integrity and doing the right thing when no one was watching as well as related golf back to the schoolwork the kids were doing right now. One example Frederick provided was teaching that you have to use math to measure the distance to the hole and determine which club you wanted to use.

As a former student-athlete here at Wheeling University, Frederick knows the importance of service and giving back to the community. She was blessed to be able to do that for these kids while teaching about a game she loves.

“As a retired collegiate athlete with so much love for the game, I always feel so lucky and blessed to be in a position where I am able to give back to our community,” said Frederick. “It is disheartening to know that many kids don’t have access to golf due to the expense and other factors. Giving our youth experiences they may not get elsewhere is very special to us and something we are excited to continue.”

The goal for Frederick is to be able to host a similar camp 2-3 times per year to help further connect the Wheeling Women’s Golf team to the community. The team will report to campus on Sunday, August 21st for their fall camp as they prepare for their first event of the year at the CAL-U invitational on Sunday, September 4th.

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