Car clubs come together to find ways to stop illegal street racing, drifting

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – After a group of people stopped traffic on I-264 to race and do donuts, car enthusiasts are looking to drive that kind of behavior off the streets.

A group of people blocked traffic on the Watterson on July 24 to drag race and perform “donut” maneuvers. A similar incident also happened that weekend on 18th and Broadway.

For a few days, Louisville Metro was up in arms about the illegal racing and drifting happening on public streets.

Car clubs in the area want to distance themselves from those kinds of actions.

“We play a big part in that, giving back,” said Katisha McLin, president of the Dem Shop Boyz Car Club. “So don’t think we’re out here just messing up streets, like none of that. We give back to the community. That’s our main focus, giving back to the community.”

They’ve come together to do something about it.

“We’re trying to basically put an end to the illegal sliding, donuts, drag racing, that’s going on on the highways and the streets,” Dezaree Wells, No Limit Car Club’s President said.

The clubs said this kind of illegal behavior has been going on in Louisville for a while. People will find spots to do it and the spots get broken up, usually without incident.

But this time they decided to respond back, and respond back big, like taking over I-264.

“These kids thought to shoot back at their spots getting broke up that they took it to the streets,” car enthusiast Travis Smith said. “And that’s not the right response from anybody. Our only step forward is a legal spot for these kids to play with their cars, have some fun safely, and maybe grab some popcorn or something.”

A proposed legal spot is the Sportsdrome Speedway in Clarksville. The idea originally came from LMPD.

“These guys have an opportunity to make this the mecca of what they’re trying to do.” Fonz Brown said. “This goes on all over the nation, all over the country. This is an opportunity… to invite those people to come to our city, our state, and show what we can do against some of the best.”

Car clubs trying to reach every corner of car culture to come to the track and stay off the streets.

“They’re doing what they need to to try and make what was wrong, right,” Brown said.

Their first ever event to test things out is Sunday at 6 pm If things go well, they’ll make it a weekly show.

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