Coachella Valley Firebirds reveal their feathery mascot Fuego

For the last month, the Coachella Valley Firebirds have been revealing bits and pieces of their new mascot on social media. A foot in downtown Palm Springs. A game at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden. A hand at Shield’s Date Garden.

On Thursday all the body parts were put together and unveiled as the Firebirds introduced Fuego as the official mascot of the desert’s new professional hockey team.

Fuego, the Spanish word for fire, is a 6-foot-tall orange feathered bird. It has a bird head in the vein of a cardinal, wings and a tail. It wears a No. 22 Firebirds jersey, a pair of dark blue shorts and some nice dark blue and orange striped high-top sneakers with the Firebirds logo on them. Fuego doesn’t talk, or make any bird noises. It mostly just claps and does a lot of energetic miming.

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