Gotham Knights Batgirl Trailer Shows Off Acrobatic Combat

WB Games Montréal has shown off a new Gotham Knights gameplay trailer at SDCC 2022, providing a detailed showcase of Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl.

Gotham Knights developer WB Games Montréal has provided fans with a fresh look at the game’s version of Batgirl with a new trailer at San Diego Comic-Con 2022. The studio’s new Bat Family co-op title is set to release later in the year, and sees former Batman sidekicks and allies Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and Red Hood face off against the shadowy Court of Owls and their talons in an open -world Gotham City.

Announced alongside Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League at DC’s FanDome event in 2020, Gotham Knights takes place in its own continuity separate to that of the Batman: Arkham games. The story’s premise sees the Bat Family coping with the deaths of Batman and Commissioner Gordon, as they attempt to restore order to Gotham and take on enemies like Mister Freeze and Penguin. Each of the four playable DC heroes will have their own unique abilities and move-sets, with Robin utilizing the Justice League’s Watchtower base to teleport, and Gotham Knights‘ Red Hood having magical abilities – presumably because of his time spent in a Lazarus Pit, which led to his resurrection following his death at the hands of the Joker. Although 2021 was a quiet year for Gotham KnightsWB Games Montréal has been steadily providing more footage of the game over the last couple of months, with it now looking likely that it will meet its October 25 release date.


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The latest trailer for Gotham Knights provides an in-depth look at Batgirl, aka Barbara Gordon. Uploaded to the Warner Bros. Games YouTube channel, the trailer is structured similarly to the previous gameplay trailers on Nightwing and ex-Robin, Red Hood, revealing more about Batgirl’s personality and motivations as well as her skill-set. Whereas Tim Drake’s journey seems to be about how he’ll adapt as a Robin without a Batman, Barbara’s looks like it’ll focus on her developing the symbol of Batgirl into something just as powerful as the Dark Knight’s. Like the other playable Batman characters, Batgirl can be seen using a mixture of stealth and open hand-to-hand combat, utilizing a high-tech nunchaku/baton weapon along with batarangs and a grapnel gun. Unlike the game’s version of Nightwing, who uses a glider to travel the open world, Batgirl extends her cape and glides just like the Caped Crusader. The trailer also showcases some of the outfits she’ll have available in-game, all with varying cape lengths and armor.

Gotham Knights’ Batgirl Trailer Also Teases New Bosses

Gotham Knights Batgirl Trailer SDCC 2022

Previous Gotham Knights videos spotlighted the Court of Owls, but they don’t appear to have a presence in the new Batgirl-devoted trailer. The trailer does focus on new enemies, however, with Batgirl quelling what appears to be a prison riot or escape attempt, only to come up against an imposing cane-wielding figure. The inmate wielding the cane could possibly be Sofia Falcone, a character who played a key part in Jeph Loeb and the late Tim Sale’s The Long Halloween. The next scene sees Batgirl in another wardrobe change and in some kind of gladiatorial arena, where she faces off against an enemy wearing a pig mask and swinging a giant flaming chain. The most famous pig-themed Batman villain is Professor Pyg, but – save for WB Games Montréal departing massively from the comics – it seems unlikely this is the foe Barbara is fighting. If it is somehow Pyg, then it would just be further proof that Gotham Knights has a slight design problem.

Although responds to Gotham Knights‘ recent trailers have varied, the new look at Batgirl provided at San Diego Comic-Con shows the game’s potential. WB Games Montréal’s title has a compelling premise, and each new reveal shows a bit more polish when it comes to presentation and gameplay. It remains to be seen if it will all come together in October – and there are certainly aspects that continue to feel overdesigned – but there’s still plenty of promise on display.

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Gotham Knights releases on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC October 25, 2022.

Source: Warner Bros. Games/YouTube

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