Oshkosh Public Library’s new lawn game rentals can add to summer fun

OSHKOSH – It’s the season of backyard barbecues and reunions, and Oshkosh Public Library staff want to add lawn games to more outdoor gatherings.

The library is offering its patrons the opportunity to check out popular lawn games. Lisa Sumter Voss, assistant director of library development, said the catalog addition helps make summer entertainment more affordable.

“A lot of times people are looking for activities people can enjoy during these events, but to go out and buy a couple lawn games can be a little pricey, and then you have to store them for the rest of the year,” Sumter Voss said. “There’s a lot of benefits to offering something like this to the public.”

The library has seven games available to check out for free: Croquet, cornhole, Giant Toppling Timbers (like giant Jenga), yard dice, bocce ball, a giant wooden dominoes set and burlap potato sack race bags.

Trying to reach the top will be tricky.

Anyone with a library card can check out two games for two weeks at a time.

Sumter Voss said the move came after the library added a collection of board games to rent in 2020, which proved to be popular.

It’s also part of a larger trend she’s seen in libraries around the country adding “less traditional collections,” she said. OPL and other libraries in the Winnefox Library System also offer “Try it Yourself (TIY) Kits” for kids and adults to check out for things such as stargazing, jewelry making, playing a ukulele and more hands-on activities.

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