Running zigzag, and other tips how not to catch Covid

Fun fact: It has been almost two and a half years since the pandemic started and I still haven’t gotten Covid. Nope. Not once.

(I can picture my very superstitious grandmother demanding I now throw salt over my left shoulder and make an “X” on the nearest mirror.)

I would say my good fortune, so far, is based on clean living but y’all know better than that. Vaccinated and double-boosted? Of course. But we all know plenty of vaxxed folks who still got Covid; they just didn’t get that sick and certainly didn’t need to go to the hospital. Big sloppy hugs and warm cinnamon rolls to science for that by the way.

It has gotten difficult to find someone who hasn’t had a positive Covid test at least once. They even have a name for us: Never Coviders. A bit on the nose but I’ll take it. Meanwhile, TikTok recently offered a couple of truly funny answers to “How have you avoided Covid?” My favorite response was “by running in a zigzag” which, as we all know, is tried and true advice from Floridians on how to outrun a crocodile. Also Matt Gaetz but mostly crocodiles.

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