Watch This Game-Changing ProCharged Ford Mustang Make Its Drag Race Debut

The incredible muscle car takes on a Chevrolet trio at this event, with a Corvette, a Camaro, and a Nova, so let’s see which comes out on top.

Drag racing is one of the very best forms of motorsport. There is nothing better than seeing cars go head-to-head down the quarter-mile. And there are so many amazing cars out there that can do this down the drag strip. The National No Prep Racing Association is showcasing a ProCharged Ford Mustang taking on the world at the No Prep Kings event, and this car belongs to Steven Brindle.

A Debut For The Ford Mustang

What makes this Mustang interesting is that this is its debut on the drag strip at the event, taking place in Hebron, Ohio. The Mustang is also known as the Game Changer, and Steven is hoping that this car can win a championship. Steven has gone all-in with this car, with merchandise for sale for the Mustang and a whole team for the new car. Not only do we get to see his team and hear about his ambitions with the car, we also get plenty of footage of the Mustang in action as well, during its debut event.

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The Muscle Car In Action

The car itself looks incredibly badass, with its matte livery and with the front section off we get a good look at the internals of the car and what it is all about. Finally, we get some great footage of the Game Changer out on track. The car clearly means business with its rear spoiler and wild modifications. In its first race, it goes up against Super Dave, a Corvette. The two cars launch separately, and it is Steve in the Mustang that takes the win — a fantastic debut appearance. Remember, as the car gets run more and more, it will only get better and better.

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More Drag Racing Madness

We get a look at another drag race between a pair of different cars. We see Twisted Metal, a ProCharged Camaro, out on track and its rival in this race is a boosted Camaro that belongs to Kyle. The two cars warm up their tires before they head out on track, and it is a close race, but it is, in fact, Twisted Metal that wins. Twisted Metal then takes on the challenge of the Game Changer, and our ProCharged Mustang friend puts in a great performance, in a close race, and Steve takes another win. It later takes on a Chevy Nova called Novacaine in the evening, but sadly doesn’t win that event. Not a bad debut, though.

Source: National No Prep Racing Association YouTube Channel

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