WSCC’s College for Kids sees large turnout

SCOTTVILLE — West Shore Community College held its annual College for Kids program this week, and with a total of 209 kids signed up, it was the biggest one yet.

The five-day day camp, held on the college’s main campus in Scottville, allowed students ages 9-15 an opportunity to explore potential career paths, expand their knowledge and learn a thing or two under the guidance of experienced educators.

This year’s slate had 19 classes for students to choose from, including pond ecology, digital photography, welding and more.

Students had an opportunity Friday to get on stage and show off their abilities in an event new to the College for Kids program.

“We’re very excited,” said Cara Mitchell, College for Kids coordinator. “This is the first time we’ve done this at College for Kids: We’re throwing a talent show.”

Students had a chance to put their skills on display Friday during the College for Kids talent show held in the Center Stage Theater at West Shore Community College.

Kyle Kotecki/News Advocate

There were two talent shows Friday and students sang, acted, told jokes, performed acrobatics and more.

Paula Jarvis taught art of building, in which students discovered the art behind architecture and designed and created their own 3D models using recycled and found objects. They also sketched and created watercolor renderings of their building and garden designs. Their work was on display Friday in the Manierre Dawson Gallery on campus.

Ellsworth Grubich, of Ludington, talked about his design.

“This is a California modern house,” he said. “Basically, we were trying to bring gardens together with houses and design houses out of recycled material.”

Claire Keith, of Ludington, and Aubry Wroge, of Norwood Young America, Minnesota, collaborated to design a “mid-modern mansion on Mars” complete with a decontamination room, UFO parking and invisible living room amenities necessary to live in the lap of luxury on the Red Planet.

Aubry Wroge and Claire Keith show off their mid-modern Martian mansion Friday in the Manierre Dawson Gallery at West Shore Community College.

Aubry Wroge and Claire Keith show off their mid-modern Martian mansion Friday in the Manierre Dawson Gallery at West Shore Community College.

Kyle Kotecki/News Advocate

The design includes outdoor sleeping for any misbehaving Martians.

“Jimmy usually sleeps in one of the small rooms but now he sleeps outside because he threw the dog,” Wroge said. “Jimmy is Timmy’s brother. They’re aliens.”

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Wroge said she enjoyed learning the ins and outs of design.

“This wasn’t my first choice, but it was really fun,” she said. “I would have liked to have tried robots or something like that. … We signed up maybe like three days before, so a lot of classes were full.”

Jarvis said students in the art of building class were a spirited group who even built a couple of structures on the campus grounds.

“There’s this really cool, six-foot teepee fort out there and there’s also a frog enclosure,” she said. “… They kind of used a lot of their ideas — we talked about function, structure and aesthetics. These guys are amazing.”

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