Boxing fans can’t get over the size of his legs as he returns to training

Deontay Wilder has been pictured back in training alongside Badou Jack as he gears up for a return to the ring, but his impending comeback isn’t what boxing fans are talking about.

Wilder hasn’t fought since his knockout defeat to Tyson Fury in October of last year, with the third and final installment in their trilogy closing out that chapter of Wilder’s career.

Prior to their blockbuster and historic trilogy, Wilder was undefeated and held the WBC title for many years, and he kept hold of said title and undefeated status after the first fight with the Brit; it ended in a draw, of course.

However, he then lost back-to-back fights against Fury, both by knockout, ending his reign as champion and also his invincible status.

The heavyweight rivalry enthralled the boxing world and made Wilder millions of pounds, but he has since stated in recent months that money would not be motivation for him to make a comeback.

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Despite all of this, the Bronze Bomber is evidently happy to be back training – smiling standing to the left of Jack – as they posed for a photo together which emerged on Twitter.

However, fans have been quick to point out and make fun of the size of Wilder’s legs in response to the photo of the two men.

One fan kept it short and to the point: “Deontay’s legs are crazy.”

Another person hilariously wrote: “Legs like an old man’s walking stick.”

A third fan also kept it short and sweet when describing the 36-year-old’s legs: “Matchstick legs.”

This next one will be sure to give you a chuckle and a half: “There’s small calves, there’s tiny calves, & then there’s Deontay Wilder’s calves.”

This next one has perhaps a suggestion of an opponent for Wilder, albeit in a joking way: “Training for the Jake Paul fight, I see you Wilder.”

One fan was also quick to quip that Wilder was missing a very important day at the gym: “Great to see him back. He’s great for boxing. The HW division definitely needs him. But HELL why is he still missing leg day!?”

There are also a couple of hysterical uses of cartoon character SpongeBob Squarepants showing off his own legs, which also created some much needed laughs in the replies.

While Wilder gears up for his return to the ring, it will be interesting to see if the dimensions of his legs do take a turn for better or worse in the coming months.

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