Candlepin bowling alley in Wyoming Civic Center a midwest rarity

At the corner of Springfield Pike and Worthington Avenue sits the Wyoming Civic Center. The building is an ideal space for wedding receptions and various other social events.

But a walk downstairs to the basement reveals a candlepin bowling alley, a true rarity in the Midwest.

At first glance, it appears to be a normal bowling alley, but take a look around and its unique features will stand out.

The balls are smaller and lighter. The pins are taller and narrower than their contemporary counterparts. For each lane, there are pencils and a paper scorecard; electronics do not aid in the language that is score-keeping.

Bowlers in the Wyoming Civic Center's candlepin bowling league take part in a Thursday night session in November 2021.

Steve Sharrock discovered the alley when his family moved to Wyoming when he was 8 years old. His first encounter was during a birthday party and he has been involved in leagues ever since. Like many others who have played the game, the eccentricity keeps him coming back.

“I just love it. It’s a neat game. I love games, and that’s a really neat, rare game,” Sharrock said.

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