Diving into the Patriots training camp playlist for the 2022 season

Here’s a glimpse at some of the songs on the 2022 Patriots training camp playlist, plus an additional rank for each track.

Ever wonder what athletes listen to get hyped up? So we do. Gillette Stadium is known for playing an array of music through the speakers during Patriots games. Cue “Josie’s on a vacation far away…“Most songs are oldies rock n’ roll by Bon Jovi, Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol, and AC/DC – to name a few.

These songs are fixtures in Gillette’s repertoire. But, where’s all the hard hitting rap or adrenaline pumping EDM? Training camp is well underway and the playlist is looking a little different this year than in the past.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the songs on the 2022 training camp playlist, plus an additional rank for each track. Here we go!

7. “Knock Out-Lookalive Remix” (G.swaavv)

It’s definitely a hard hitting rap song, but other than hosting the beat from BlocBoy JB and Drake’s single “Look Alive,” there’s not much to this song other than lyrics.

6. “Sweet Emotion” (Aerosmith)

This song is great for warming up and calisthenics. Players are starting to get their heart rate up, all while pumping their ears with classic Aerosmith.

5. “Proud” (2 Chainz, w/ YG & Offset)

This a great song for players to show off their stuff – whether it be rapping, dancing, or catching passes down field.

4. “Kingpen Ghostwriter” (2 Chainz, w/ Lil Baby)

Another 2 Chainz song makes the playlist. This one is more upbeat than the last and has a substantial amount of hype behind the track. Picture your favorite Pats players balling out to this song.

3. “Go” (Pearl Jam)

The foot is all the way down on the gas pedal during this song. This is the type of stuff you want to hear to get yourself pumped up.

2. “Stick Talk” (Future)

This classic Future song makes the cut. Can you picture Mac griddy-ing to this? A must add to any practice playlist.

1. “Danger Zone” (Kenny Loggins)

Coming in at #1 is the sultry “Danger Zone.” This song is all gas, no brakes. Top Gun: Maverick may be to thank for this gem of a song making the cut, but, either way we’re here for it. This is a perfect addition to the Patriots training camp playlist.

Reporter Mike Reiss is known for tweeting out what the Pats are listening to during training camp. So much so, that it’s become a staple in his career. Fans look to him for this piece of intel and he never disappoints. The Patriots staff also organizes “player playlists” segments that take a peek into what they’re listening to before game-day.

What songs do you think the Patriots should have on their playlist?

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