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Save the date of Aug. 20 to come bowling at the Rapids Bowling Center’s sponsored fundraiser for Help and Hope for the Homeless.

The organization is looking for bowlers to pay $10 each to fill the lanes. The price includes three games with shoes for those who need them. Also, bumpers will be available for young children and for anyone else who may need them. This will be a “No-Tap” fundraiser meaning a 9 count on your first ball will give you a strike for your score.

Len Pimm, owner of Rapids Bowling Center in Niagara Falls, and Matt Andrus, owner/operator, have graciously donated all 32 lanes the entire time to raise money for helping the homeless in Niagara Falls and Niagara County. This will be a tremendous help to our nonprofit as all the money raised goes 100% to our purpose.

The bowling will have two shifts of bowlers with four bowlers on each of the 32 lanes. The first shift will go from 9:30 am until noon; the second shift starts at 12:30 pm and will end at 3 pm

Help and Hope for Homeless is a New York state incorporated and registered charity organized to solicit and accept donations to be used to help homeless individuals and families. We are also a nonprofit through the IRS. Our mission is to help the homeless become self-sufficient, as much as it is possible for them to do so. No one should be homeless in a country as rich and powerful as ours.

Who can bowl in this fundraiser? Just about anyone. This would include families and their kids or grandkids and bowling teams. Who knows, you might enjoy yourself bowling and wish to sign up for the many leagues Rapids has to offer.

The event will also feature raffles for a variety of prizes, including gift certificates, gift cards, and baskets. You need not be present to win. Your name and phone number on the ticket stub is sufficient. We will also be doing 50-50 drawings. If any business would like to provide a monetary donation or provide a raffle item, please contact John Loss at the email address of These can be brought to Rapids or arranged to be picked up at your place of business. We are also in need of volunteers to help us out during the day. Please contact us at the email that we have listed to sign up.

The charity is an outgrowth from my book on the 13 people living in Niagara Falls who were homeless. “Not Always Homeless” sells for $12.95 and can be purchased at Rapids during the bowling event.

To enter our fundraiser, you can pick up an entry at the bowling counter at Rapids or go to their website — and download the entry form from there. You can mail your check to Help and Hope for the Homeless, Inc. at 9860 Niagara Falls Blvd., PO Box 601, Niagara Falls, NY 14304-9998 or pay in person at the bowling center at Rapids.

Please indicate the shift you wish to bowl, either first or second. You will need to be at Rapids half an hour prior to your shift time. If you are not able to bowl but wish to donate, do the same as above.

So please consider joining us as one of the $10 paying bowlers needed to fill at 32 lanes for both shifts.

The board of directors for Help and Hope for the Homeless, Inc. includes Rick Smith, board member, Robin Stephenson, board member, Sue Loss, secretary, Bill Welch, treasurer.

If your group would like to have a speaker come to talk more in depth about our aims and goals to help the homeless, please contact John Loss at the email address of

John Loss is the president and founder of Help and Hope for Homeless Inc.


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