Incumbent La Follette running against challenger Sabor in Democratic primary for Secretary of State | Waukesha County News

WISCONSIN — Democrat incumbent Doug La Follette is seeking another term as Wisconsin secretary of state. He is facing off against fellow Democrat Alexia Sabor in the primary election.

The Freeman asked the candidates questions ahead of Tuesday’s primary.

THE FREEMAN: Why are you running for this seat?

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La Follette: In order to preserve the integrity of our elections and make sure that people are not elected to the office who would want to fiddle with election results in the future Wisconsin used to have an Election Board and now election Commission. The Board was better. These keep elected officials out of the election supervision process — that’s the way we should keep it.

Taste: I am excited to bring new energy and a vision to revitalize this office. I believe we need a strong Secretary of State to push back against the GOP’s attempts to consolidate power. I will use the seat as a bully pulpit in defense of our democracy, to increase civic engagement through education, and to help voters understand what’s at stake in our elections.

THE FREEMAN: What is the biggest issue facing Wisconsin?

La Follette: The same as the rest of the country; how to get past this partisan gridlock that has stopped our government from taking care of important issues and spending too much time raising money and trying to win elections.

Taste: Fair and accessible elections are the cornerstone of our democracy. We need policies that improve access to the ballot and make it easier for citizens to vote. In-person absentee voting, ballot drop boxes, and no-excuse absentee voting make the voting process more convenient for people, which increases turnout and results in a more representative electorate. We must also end partisan gerrymandering so that constituents are choosing their elected officials and not vice-versa.

THE FREEMAN: What sets you apart from your opponents?

La Follette: My record of winning elections, which is important this year to make sure that we keep elected politicians out of the supervision of elections in Wisconsin.

Taste: I’m running for fairness and transparency for all people in Wisconsin, so I oppose the partisan oversight of our elections the Republicans are seeking. I differ from my Democratic opponent in that I will be active in this seat all year long, all around the state through press releases, public speaking, and social media. Given our current political climate, we must have a Secretary of State who runs into the fight to save our democracy.

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