Jake Paul would be basing his confidence in beating Hasim Rahman Jr. on a sham


The fight between Jake Paul and Hasim Rahman Jr. continues to heat up with statements made by both boxing fighters. Now it was the turn of Rahman Jr. who leaked an embarrassing request that would reportedly perform the Youtuber and his team in their workouts.

Hasim Rahman Jr will clash with Jake Paul at Madison Square Garden
© Mike Stobe/Getty ImagesHasim Rahman Jr will clash with Jake Paul at Madison Square Garden

Jake Paul has found in Hashim Rahman Jr. an opponent who is ready to attack him not only inside the ring and during their boxing fight Wed August 6 at mighty Madison Square Garden in New Yorkbut also outside the ring and before the clash.

The son of the former unified World Heavyweight Champion Hasim Rock Rahmanhas already had the opportunity to exchange blows with Jake Paul, at least during training, as he sparred with the Youtuber two years ago, when the latter started his path in boxing.

This is how Hasim Rahman Jr. would know closely the preparation that Jake Paul and his team do for their fights. With that knowledge, the Maryland native leaked an embarrassing plea that the Youtuber’s team supposedly made to him at the time they clashed during a training camp. It could be possible that Jake Paul’s confidence in overcoming Rahman Jr. could be based on a farce.

Hashim Rahman Jr. reveals strange request made by Jake Paul’s team when they were sparring partners

That Jake Paul and Hasim Rahman Jr already had a chance to exchange blows in a ring and that the atmosphere was very tense between them is no secret. There is even a video that confirms this fact. However, something else would have happened at that time, as Rahman Jr. revealed that the Youtuber’s team would have asked him not to hurt his boxer during the sparring session.

“I didn’t come to beat you up, or to see if you were even on my level, or you were ready for this level. I was actually was asked by your coaches not to knock you out, I was told that if I knock him out, I most likely wasn’t going to get paid, it was during the pandemic. It was $100 a round—it was easy work sparring for me. It was something I didn’t want to throw away.“, stated Hasim Rahman Jr. according to Boxing Scene.

In fact, this would have been the reason why Jake Paul would have been upset with Hasim Rahman Jr. during the sparring session, as the Gold Blooded would have pointed out to him that he was not fighting to the best of his abilities: “I was just trying to humble him a little bit and tell him, I’m in here handicapped a bit… I knew he was going to chop it up the way he did… It had nothing to do with the actual boxing, the sparring session. It was just his disrespect for the sport and for what we were doing. I came to give you a look“.


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