One top boxing organization wants to let men fight women in the ring

In almost all cases, it is considered a crime for a man to punch a woman in the face. Now, one of the premier organizations in boxing wants to turn it into entertainment.

The World Boxing Council is going to consider the possibility of sanctioning fights between men who identify as women and biological women. The WBC is one of the four major sanctioning bodies in boxing and is arguably the most influential of the four.

This would be a dramatic about-face, as WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman said in 2020 that “the WBC does not accept transgender boxing,” adding, “There’s only male and female — there’s no in between,” Sulaiman said. “People say it has to be the same — so you mean we have to do pregnancy tests for men as well?”

Apparently, Sulaiman has come around on that question. We have already seen this play out in low-level professional MMA, in which Alana McLaughlin brutally battered Celine Provost. McLaughlin, a man, had just one year of MMA training, whereas Provost was a seasoned veteran and the only woman in the fight. Even coming out of retirement, it was clear Provost was more skilled than McLaughlin, but his brute strength alone allowed him to win by submission.

The same was true of Fallon Fox, the man who fought several women in low-level pro fights. Fox broke the orbital bone of one woman who was not even informed that her opponent was actually a man identifying as a woman. Fox clearly relied on brute strength instead of any real skill in achieving an overwhelming victory.

In boxing, the results of such clashes could be lethal. Boxing is more dangerous than MMA, as boxers receive more sustained punches to the head over a longer period of time. Those punches are also more powerful because the padding in boxing gloves allows fighters to throw harder punches without hurting their hands.

The strength differences between men and women are well documented, but apparently, Sulaiman simply hasn’t been paying attention.

Men should not be allowed to compete in women’s sports at all. It is unfair to female athletes who have spent years training to be the best. But especially shouldn’t be allowed to compete in women’s combat sports because that can be deadly.

If Sulaiman and the WBC go forward with this, they will snuff out women’s boxing at a time when it is finally gaining some momentum. They would be putting hundreds of women in danger in the ring in the process, all in the name of “tolerance.”


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