People Are A Problem For Banking

Nez Feizu’s biggest political success so far is that he has taken Vox out of focus. The PP has given up fighting for the location of the extreme right and has broadened its base: “Feijou’s PP shoots in elections: Popular people may be the equivalent of Rajoy’s 137 deputies in 2016” (Repú . Elections this time are kind to Genoa 13 (which will continue in the building that Casado wanted to sell or rent) but more importantly, there is already a general feeling that the Spanish coalition government will deflate irreversibly. has been Feiju is winning, right and left, with almost no competition.

bench without people

People are a problem for banks: they try to shoo us away from branches (we’ll see how long they last) at the click of a button, apps and ATMs. And even its own people are troubling the sector: “Caixabank, Sabadell and BBVA save 280 million after 10,000 workers leave. Despite paying about 3,150 million for layoffs, Caixabank, Sabadell and BBVA manage to reduce their personnel costs in just twelve months ”(digital economy). It’s as if under a board of directors on duty, we all had more than enough. This hatred of the human aspect looks bad, but in the short run, it produces good statistics.

four day week

“The ‘4-Day Work Week’ Changes Your Life,” and certainly for the better. This is according to people who participated in the eight-week experiment in the United Kingdom, the largest experiment ever conducted. “I can do this without feeling guilty” is the report’s most important phrase. Participants promised to maintain 100% of their productivity 80% of the time and admitted that having short deadlines was a bit chaotic at first. Now is the time to verify that, in fact, production was not affected, and most importantly: if companies and employees agree to maintain that four-day week.

,material kids’

We’ve been seeing them for years, and now that it’s summer and the other kinds of content dwindle and influencers increase, we see more of them: they’re the “satisfied kids.” Mort defined them on Twitter this way: “creatures born to make money for their parents on social networks.” Those and the minors who appear on Instagram admire their parents’ ability to create a beautiful picture in which a brand is secretly built, and which we can name from today. In his thread, this veteran tweeter also recalled that “the first material kids were already coming of age and sharing pears with the family that exploited them.”

Instagram crashed

Even if we don’t follow influencer accounts, we see their posts on Instagram: the social network has consistently chosen to show us content we might like… Tired: “Instagram is back down and won’t show more and more recommended posts” ( ThirteenBits). In its attempt to neutralize TikTok by becoming the oldest of TikTok, the photography social network has gone a long way. It is recognized by its own director, Adam Mosseri, who has announced this return. We will no longer see battered croquet lasagna or over-happy and random big families in Ibiza or the Bahamas. Or not so many.

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