See And Hear Epic 60s Muscle Cars Race At The US 41 Drag Strip

A long line of 60s classic cars with rumbling engines against a backdrop of a field feels like the beginning of a racing movie like The Cannonball Run; but in a YouTube video from AutoMotoCha9L, it’s the competitors in the 60s Nostalgia Super Stock at the US 41 Drag strip.

The series of drag races pits some of the best 60s vehicles against each other from General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.

The video, just over 8 and a half minutes long manages to pack in a number of competitors racing to the end of the drag strip.

60s Classic American Muscle In The Nostalgia Super Stock

First up is a 1965 Dodge Coronet owned by John Grinwald called the “Gold Digger.”

The Coronet is appropriately a bright gold color and after doing a burnout, manages to speed to the end of the strip quickly reaching the line in just 8.77 seconds with a top speed of 153.06 mph.

After the Gold Digger’s trip down the strip, a ’63 Plymouth Belvedere runs the strip in 10.84 seconds with a 124.90 mph top speed, besting its competitor which manages the same feat in 14.17 seconds with a 102.74 mph top speed.

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Later, a ’64 Dodge 330 Super Stock gets narrowly beaten by its challenger.

The 330 finishes with a time of 10.07 seconds and a 136.94 mph top speed against the orange Mopar it goes up against with a barely faster time of 10.01 seconds and 131.39 mph.

Mopars continue their showing with a ’67 Plymouth Belvedere called “All-In” against a 409 Chevy called “Long Gone.”

Initially, the Plymouth starts off strong but slows down quickly as the Chevy speeds past it.

The announcer says over the speaker “Long Gone is gone!” The time isn’t revealed, but it’s clear the Chevy took the win this time.

A ’64 Dodge Polara goes against a ’63 Pontiac with the Dodge taking the win with a 12.24 second finish time and 111.111 mph top speed.

Later, a ’63 1/2 Ford Galaxie called “Repeat Offender” lines up next to a ’63 Plymouth Belvedere called “Asphalt Angel.”

The Plymouth speeds away with undeniable confidence and takes the win with a time of 10.16 seconds to the finish line with a top speed of 135.71 mph against the Ford’s 13.67 second finish time and 68.66 mph top speed.

The Best Of The 60s Classic Muscle Cars At Work

Next, the “Hard Limit,” a 1965 Mercury Comet Caliente races a ’65 Dodge Coronet and takes the win.

The Caliente finishes in just 8.77 seconds with a top speed of 164.53 mph compared to the Coronet’s 9.76 second finish and 136.32 mph top speed.

There is a wide disparity in some competition with clear advantages for some cars that reach speeds dramatically higher than their challenger.

In the case of this trip down the strip though, overall, this race is fairly competitive from start to finish with the Mercury only really significantly gaining ground at the tail end.

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A Ford GT 350 Mustang goes against “Ghost From The Past,” a ’63 409 Chevy.

The Mustang leads for the majority of the length of the strip, but the Chevy manages to close the gap eventually even though the Mustang still pulls off the win.

The GT 350 completes the length of the strip in 10.44 seconds and a 124.69 mph top speed vs the Chevy’s 11.08 second finish time and 122.98 mph top speed.

In all, the 60s Nostalgia Super Stock event is an impressive showing of 60s cars but also simply a solid combination of drag races that any drag racing enthusiast could appreciate.

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