Watch Ford, Dodge and Chevy Muscle Cars Whittle Down To One Winner In No Prep Drag Racing

YouTube channel RPM Army showcases a vast array of modern muscle cars from FordDodge and Chevrolet during King Of Columbus at National Trail Raceway.

The No Prep modern muscle drag racing pit all three Detroit brands against one another in a series of races both day and night – while many of the cars deliver impressive showings at the drag strip, at the end there must be a winner and the video takes you through the initial races, the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finally the last race to determine the champion.

Check out the video to see these fast races among some seriously powerful cars.

Modern Muscle Car Drag Races In No Prep

First up is an SRT Dodge Challenger vs a Ford Mustang – the Dodge and Ford coupes are synonymous with both muscle car nostalgia and modern power.

The two cars each take off quickly and prove competitive from start to finish with an aggressive start and performance by both cars.

In the second race, it’s Ford vs Dodge again, this time a red Mustang takes on a blue Dodge Charger; despite one being a coupe and the other a sedan, body style has nothing to do with it as the two battle it out.

The Mustang ultimately takes off first and takes the initial lead although the Charger quickly gains ground with its good turn of speed.

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Next up a blue Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 goes against a red Mustang and each speed quickly down the strip keeping pace with one another.

Times are not displayed at the end, but the race is visibly close between the two powerful cars from Ford.

The Mustang streak continues as a black Shelby Mustang speeds down the strip alone, flexing its muscles for the onlookers to witness.

In a Chevy vs Dodge battle, a black Camaro with gold wheels goes up next to a widebody Charger with the Dodge taking the win this time.

Winning A No Prep Drag Race With A Muscle Car

Text on the screen reveals that it is now the quarter-finals and a pair of Ford Mustangs goes against each other, adding some smoke to the strip as the sun begins to set.

They race down the strip keeping pace with one another, with a winner being difficult to determine from the camera angle – the Mustang trend continues as a red and silver one take each other on, like the race preceding it, they remain close to one another .

A red Mustang then takes a trip down the strip on its own, proving its speed and capabilities.

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In the semi-finals, the red Mustang adds a cloud of smoke against a fifth generation black Mustang which completes a smokey burnout of its own.

The Mustangs speed off into the night before each takes its own solo lap down the drag strip.

In the final race, again with a red and black Mustang against each other, the black fifth generation comes away the winner in an epic series of drag racing between some of the fastest American muscle cars available today.

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