What Drivers Said after the Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course race

Tyler Reddick – No. 8 3CHI Chevrolet – WINNER: Second win of the year for this race team and a win at Indianapolis. I’ve got to know your thoughts when you saw the 1 (Ross Chastain); he went through the access road. Were you as shocked as everyone else to see him all of a sudden passing you for the lead?

“I was like, uh-oh. But that was a scenario that had been talked about. If you get bottled up, what do you do? Take the access road.

“I couldn’t believe he got ahead of me. I was kind of waiting to see if he was going to have a penalty because I didn’t want to move him out of the way and make his race worse than what it was. Yeah, I was really surprised by that; but hey, we made it work. Hats off to Ross (Chastain) for trying to do that, but really glad it didn’t end up working out because I’d have been pretty pissed off.”


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