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Despite being the smallest fair on the Northern California summer horse racing circuit, the Humboldt County meet has produced the two largest mutual payoffs in NorCal history, compliments of the Pick-Six “Gold Rush” jackpot wager that will again be offered at this year’s Humboldt meet (Aug. 19-21 and 26-28).

One astute handicapper from neighboring Loleta collected a record $292,300.74 on Aug. 16, 2019 — the opening day of that season’s Humboldt meet — for tabbing the lone perfect ticket with all six winners in the “Gold Rush” wager.

The story about the unidentified person who hit that Pick-Six jackpot was amazing since that fan put together $786.20 worth of different number combinations on $0.20 tickets — the minimum bet for the Gold Rush — over the six races.

And the Humboldt Fair made headlines again last year when a lone fan pocketed $206,883.52 — the second largest “Gold Rush” Nor Cal Fair bonanza — for the only perfect Pick-Six ticket on Aug. 21, the second day of the 2021 race meet.

Only a $363,000-plus Pick-Six payout during the 2016 Golden Gate Fields’ meet surpassed those two Humboldt jackpots in recent NorCal horse racing history.

“It has been amazing that Humboldt has recorded such giant Pick-Six payouts, but when there are no single perfect tickets at the Alameda County Fair meet in Pleasanton and the State Fair meet in Sacramento earlier on the summer circuit (the “Gold Rush” jackpot wager is not offered at the Sonoma County Fair in Santa Rosa) the carryover pool grows to huge amounts by the time racing reaches Ferndale,” said Humboldt mutual manager Doug Gooby.

And that could happen again this summer, since the “Gold Rush” jackpot has swelled to $192,278 for the Humboldt Fair’s opening day on Aug 19.

That means one lucky fan will collect more than $200,000 with a lone perfect Pick-Six ticket during the six-day Humboldt Fair meet.

In addition to the “Gold Rush” wager, Humboldt will once again offer the special “Gold Strike” bet, which requires bettors to correctly select the first five finishers — in exact order — in the day’s last race. The “Gold Rush” incorporates the final six races on that day’s programme.

Last year, there was a carryover pot of $197,082 in the “Gold Strike” pool, and a “Gold Rush” carryover pool of $193,363 heading into the opening day of the 2021 Humboldt meet. This season, the “Gold Strike” carryover pool is $1,983 since there was a single-ticket winner earlier this summer.

Each jackpot wager has a minimum bet of only $.20 for single selections in each race in the case of the “Gold Rush” Pick-Six, and a single “first-five” exact order of finish in the case of the “Gold Strike” Super High Five.

Multiple winners will split 40 percent of that day’s Pick-Six and Super High Five pools, with the other 60 percent added to the carryover pools for each jackpot.

And along with regular win-place shows and “Gold Rush” and Gold Strike” wagers, fans will be offered an array of exotic bets during the six-day racing season. They include:

• Exactas (first two finishers in exact order) with a $1 minimum bet for each race.

• Trifectas (first 3 finishers in exact order) in each race with a $.50 minimum bet.

• Superfectas (first 4 finishers in each order) in each race with a $.10 minimum bet.

• Daily Double (winners of two consecutive races starting with the first race) with a $2 minimum bet.

• Pick-Three (winners of three consecutive races starting with the first race) with a $1.00 minimum bet.

• Pick-Four (winners of the first four and last four races on that day’s program) with a $.50 minimum bet.

• Pick-Five (winners of the last five races) with a $.50 minimum bet.

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