Music Legend Willie Nelson Loved Golf So Much That He Bought an Entire Course and Devised the Quirkiest Rules Ever

While American singer Willie Nelson is admired as a singer and performer all over the world, did you know that the “Shotgun Willie” singer is the owner of a golf course?

The Pedernales Country Club, located 30 miles off Austin, is a modest nine-hole course, but home to one of the most famous country singers of the 70s.


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Why did Willie Nelson buy the golf course?

Nelson never took golfing seriously; it was his way of getting out of music (for a change). The golf club was right next to his preceding recording studio. He thought it would be a good idea to play a bit of golf while the mixers were working on the soundtrack. By the time he finished playing, the song would be all ready. For this particular reason, the golf club is more popularly known as Willie Nelson’s Cut ‘N Putt.

How much did Willie Nelson pay to buy the course?

As a matter of fact, the golf club opened as the Briarcliff Yacht and Golf Club in 1968. However, a decade later, the club went bankrupt and was put on the market for a new owner. Nelson, on the other hand, was at the peak of his prowess, shining in the commercial success of his album “Stardust”. Realizing the perks of owning a course, Nelson splashed $250,000 on the property in 1979.

“I’ve always wanted a golf course where I could see the pars,” he quipped at the time.

He eventually turned the dull country club into a property fit for an outlaw. He even set up quirky rules on the course, some of which were not something you would see on a golf course.

“Gambling is forbidden, of course, unless you’re stuck or you need a legal deduction for charitable or educational expenses.”

“No bikinis, mini-skirts, skimpy see-through, or sexually exploitative attire allowed. Except on women.”

“If you’ve got the money, honey, we’ve got the tee time.”


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The restaurant at the course was replaced with a recording studio, providing Nelson even better access to the greens. He also commissioned a 54,000-square-foot complex on the highest hill of the property for his living quarters and encouraged his entourage to do the same.

Why was Willie Nelson forced to sell-off his golf course?


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After dominating the music industry in the 70s and the 80s, Nelson’s troubles began when he was accused of owing $32 million to the IRS. In a bid to clear his debt, Nelson was forced to sell his property to an outside investor. However, he cleared his debt pretty quickly, thanks largely to his profits from the double album, “The IRS Tapes: Who’ll Buy My Memories?”and re-purchased the golf course a year later.

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