Page fires a 66 to move into 1st at the Men’s City Championship

There was some stellar golf played during the second round of the Star Electric Midland Men’s City Championship on a warm Saturday at Hogan Park Golf Course.

Three golfers in the Championship Flight shot 6-under par and six others had under-par rounds on the Roadrunner Course.

The result was some shakeup at the top of the leaderboard as former college golfer Ben Page moved into first place with a 73-66—139 total, one shot ahead of both Midland College sophomore Richman Houston (74-66—140) and Legacy High School junior Kellen Young (70-70—140). In a tie for fourth place are first-round leader Rick Houston (66-75—141), Andrew McWilliams (72-69—141) and Sebastian Cruz (75-66—141).

Page jumped from a crowded tie for ninth in the first round to the top heading into Sunday’s final round and he said a lot of things lined up well for him.

“My putter got hot on the back nine,” Page said. “I had a couple of 15-footers that rolled in for birdies. I drove it in play, which was key, and the putter was hot.”

Page, who’s originally from Kingwood, played collegiately at Tyler Junior College and Texas A&M International and moved to Midland a few years ago because of work.

“I keep playing a little bit to keep the game sharp,” Page said.

Page said he feels good going into the final round.

“Quail’s a little tighter and I’ve got to keep it in play, that’s crucial,” he said. “If the putter gets hot again, I’ll have a chance to win it.”

Young said while he had a good round, he believes he could have done better.

“I started off pretty well,” he said. “I shot 1-under on the front, but I felt like I left a lot out there. I had a few birdies and a three-putt on one of the holes on the back nine.

“It gave me a little bit of confidence that I picked up some ground today. I feel like my ball striking could improve, but I feel I’m striking it pretty well.”

Richman Houston, son of Rick Houston, said he did well off the tee but didn’t get as many putts to go in. He still finished with seven birdies to help put him in a good position going into the final round.

“The course is doable that some of the birdies are bound to go in,” Richman said. “That’s the mentality you need to keep. If you keep doing what you’re doing, they have to go in at some point.

“I hit my driver really well and on Roadrunner. You have to take advantage off the tee, and I think that’s what really set me up for the birdies. I didn’t miss any greens, I hit my driver really well.”

Richman said he could have played better on Friday but likes his position going into the final day as well.

“I started the first hole on Quail (on Friday) with a triple bogey, but I’m excited and looking forward (to Sunday),” he said. “I should be able to take it low again.”

Cruz, the Midland High grad and former Odessa College golfer, felt really good about his round as his 66 on the day ranks among the best he’s shot in his career.

“I hardly ever go this low,” he said. “But the fact that I know I can put a round like this together and compete with all the guys, it’s refreshing to know. It feels good to know I can compete because I rarely play competitively anymore.”

Cruz said the key for him was playing steady.

“I basically bogeyed three up until 16 and 18, but I hit the ball solid and I putt really well,” he said. “I was just kind of cruising. I made a birdie here and there and some pars. There were some hiccups but I really can’t complain about my round today. It was all fun today.”

It should be an interesting and fun finish for the Men’s City title as the final round first tees off at 10:22 am The group with the top three leaders of Page, Young and Richman Houston are scheduled to tee off at 11:52 am

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Star Electric Midland Men’s City Championship

At Hogan Park Golf Course

Saturday’s second round scores

Championship Flight (Roadrunner Course)

1. Leg Page 73-66–139; T-2. Richman Houston 74-66—140; Kellen Young 70-70—140; T-4. Andrew McWilliams 72-69—141; Rick Houston 66-75–141; Sebastian Cruz 75-66–141; T-7. Ciro Baeza 70-72–142; (tie) Jackson Comer 71-71–142;T-9. Tyler Trotter 71-72–143; Kevin Thornton 76-67–143; 11. Spencer Widner 73-71–144; 12. Jason McKeown 71-74–145; 13. Jared Arras 73-73–146; T-14. (tie) Alec Young 72-75–147; Drew Ironside 74-73–147; Casey Adams 74-73–147; Blake Briggs 73-74–147; Marcus Lopez 74-73–147; Adolph Garza 73-74–147; Frank Soto 76-71–147; T-21. Jake Humble 73-76–149; Caden Britton 73-76–149; T-23. Josh Wabuke 74-76–150; Jerod Padgett 76-74–150; 25. Julian Montez 77-79—156; T-26. Zachary Fieldhouse 78-79–157; Cade Smith 79-78–157; 28. Cameron Lopez 73-75–158; 29. Zarek Crowder 79-80–159; T-30. Luke Wagner 77-83–160; Kade Burton 81-79–160; 32. Eric Clodfelter 88-75–163; 33. George Ulmo 85-79–164; 34. Joel Holland 80-88–168; 35. Ryan Caudle 91-81–172; 36. Justin Coleman 94-85–179

Presidents Flight (Quail Course)

1. Brian Grebeck 75-71–146; T– 2. Adiel Alvarado 73-76—149; Ron Martinez 70-79—149; 4. Chris Nolen 75-75—150; 5. Geno Montes 73-79—152; 6. Coby Tomlin 80-76—156; T-7. Jim Pannell 78-80—158; Zavgan Alvarado 79-79—158; T-9. Eric Garza 84-77—161; Tim Jebsen 83-78—161; 11. Gordon Gutierrez 84-79—173; 12. Blair Beck 79-85—164; T-13. Gilbert Ruiz 83-84—167; Turk McDonald 89-78—167; 15. Shawn Adams 84-87—171; 16. Jeff Runnels 86-86—172; 17. Chris Brown 87-87—174; 18. -Jimmy Lupardus 86-88–174

First Flight (Quail Course)

1. Jeremy Stallings 82-79—161; 2. Paul Grimes 86-76—162; T-3. David Nanez 84-81—165; Ben Vining 80-85—165; T-5. Damon Vanley 85-81—166; David Guerrero 85-81—166; 7. Raul Ochoa 81-86—167; T-8. Jeremy Castaneda 86-85—171; Michael Powell 86-85—171; Kirk Dunn 87-84—171; 11. Javier Yanez 89-86—175; 12. Monty Forrester 92-84—176; 13. Rodolfo Garcia 88-89—177; 14. 15. Mundy Hernandez 95-89—184; 16. Matt Sanchez 100-87–187

Second Flight (Roadrunner Course)

1. Jesse Ortega 75-90–165; 2. Joe O’Hara 80-82–162; 3. Shawn Flesher 84-86–170; 4. Richard Simpson 86-86–172; 5. Paul Edwards 89-82–171; 6. Jeremy Martinez 93-100–193; 7. (tie) Danny Sneed 95-86–181; Lonnie Lasater 95-93–188; 9. Joshua Gonzales 91-89–180; 10. (tie) Lance Posey 96-83–179; Paul Caudle 96-92–188; 12. Jeff Hayes 100-96–196; 13. Marvin Guthrie 101-103–204; Juan Redon n/c

Senior Flight (Roadrunner Course)

1. Steve Whiteside 69-66–135; 2. Doug Aylor 72-66–138; 3. Dennis Collins 71-73–144; 3. 4. Wes Overton 75-78–153; T-5. Steven Marzett 77-81–158; 6. Dirks Parks 79-79—158; 7. Doug Gressett 81-79–160; 8. Gary King 83-79–162; 9. Wayne Johnson 84-79—163; 10. Vernon Brown 84-84—168

Sunday’s final round tee times

Championship Flight (Quail Course)

10:15am – Coleman; Netherlands; Caudle

10:22 am — Wagner; Clod fellers; Ulmo

10:30 am – Crowder; Burton; Fieldhouse

10:45am – Smith; mounted; Wabuke

11 a.m. – Lopez; A. Young; Soto

11:07 am – Ironside; Adams; López

11:22 am – Arras; Briggs; Garza

11:30am – Widner McKeown; Thornton

11:37 am – Baeza; Comer; Trotter

11:45 am – Cruz; Rick Houston; Williams

11:52 am – K. Young; Richman Houston; Ben Page

President’s Flight (Quail Course)

9am – Runnels; Brown; Cheetah

9:07 am – Ruiz; Adams; McDonald

9:15 am – Gutierrez; Beck; Jebsen

9:22 am – Pannell; Garza; Alvarado

9:37 am – Tomlin; mounted; Nolen

9:45 am – Grebeck; Alvando; Martinez

First flight (Quail Course)

8 a.m. – Hernandez; Sánchez; Garcia

8:07 am – Yanez; Dunn; Forrester

8:15 am – Castaneda; Ochoa; Powell

8:22 am – Vanley; Guerrero; Vining

8:30am – Grimes; Stallings; Nanez

Second Flight (Roadrunner Course)

8:45 am – Guthnie; Hayes

8:52 a.m. – Martinez; Lasater

9am – Caudle; Gonzales; Snead

9:07 a.m. – Posey; Edwards; Simpson

9:15 am – Flesher; Ortega; O’Hara

Senior Flight (Roadrunner Course)

8 am – Brown; Johnson; King

8:07 am – Gressett; Marzett; Parks

8:15am – Collins; Whiteside; overtone; Aylor

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