World’s first officially-licensed cricket NFT contest

Rario is set to launch the ultimate Cricket Strategy Game, with prizes up to a whopping $125K (₹1CR) to be won.

Rario has now introduced a Cricket Strategy Game, the world’s first ever officially-licensed cricket NFT contest with prizes upto $125K (₹1CR) to be won. The game is set to launch on August 25, about a week before the 10th edition of the Caribbean Premier League kickstarts on August 31.

The Rario Moment NFTs have been enabling cricket fans to win their most cherished moments from the game and add to a treasured collection. Now, through the all-new Player Card NFTs, users can win handsome rewards by competing in the new Cricket Strategy Game.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Cricket Strategy Game:

What do I need to play the game?

The Cricket Strategy Game can be played using Rario Player Card NFTs, which are unique NFTs of cricket players and can be accessed through ‘Pack Drops’ or the ‘Marketplace’.

What are Pack Drops?

These are events in which ‘packs’ of Player Card NFTs go up for sale on Rario. ‘Pack Drops’ allow users to buy a set of Player Card NFTs that can be used to play the game. Players inside a pack are stored in the ‘Vault’ once revealed to the user.

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What is the Marketplace?

The marketplace is a platform on Rario where the users can trade their Player Card NFTs with others for an amount they are willing to sell for. The marketplace allows the users to buy the player as per their choice from the desired tier. The surplus Player Card NFTs can be sold in the marketplace for profit-making.

How to play the game?

In the Rario Cricket Strategy Game, a player has to build a team of 3 players from his vault of cards in a match. The set should have at least one batter and one bowler representing different sides.

The team is to be made and entered in contests, which are of varied levels. Each contest is free with the possession of Rario Player Card NFTs being a prerequisite. Once a match of choice is made, the user has to enter a contest and create a trio of players which he thinks is the best.

Winnings and Rewards — Prizes worth $125K(₹1CR)!

The players’ performance from within a team determines the user’s points. The number of runs scored, boundaries hit, wickets taken, run-outs effected, catches grasped, and other such achievements during a match add to the points tally. These points are pitted against competitors from the relevant contest, with the top performers progressing to the winning zone.

Once the users have cards in their vault, they can use them to play contests in as many matches as desired across cricket leagues and tournaments, free of cost.


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