£100k restoration scheme ‘a lot of money to remove bird poo on a diving board no one can use’

A first look at the restored Coate Water diving board didn’t impress Adver readers who suggested the money could have been better spent elsewhere.

The listed structure, which closed decades ago when the quality of the water made swimming unsafe, has been used as a roost by water birds.

Around £100k has been spent on removing their accumulated excrement, cleaning up the concrete, repainting and installing barriers.

Here’s what readers had to say on social media…

Mark Pannell: “How wonderful, exciting times ahead for Swindon!

“People will travel from miles around by bus to arrive at our state of the art bus boulevard in the tourist hotspot of Swindon centre, before being whisked off on our amazing monorail network to explore this diving marvel and swim in the crystal clear blue waters of this splendid lake! We will be the envy of the world…”

Paul Parfoot: “Waste of money for something that can’t be used apart from an expensive bird toilet.”

Pasqualina VR: “What a waste of money! “The birds will still use it and It won’t be long before it is full of bird poo again.”

Christopher Pearson: “How fantastic how much have you wasted on doing this up pointless to say the least.”

Katie Price: “Did I read that right? £100,000 to paint a diving board which does not permit diving?”

John Horsley: “Waste of money, just seen it, slapped paint on the bottom just above the water line, looks bloody awful.”

Lucy Edwards: “Delighted to see this. Remember it was a heritage grant, so it was use it or lose it.”

Lorraine Gove: “Love they are building a new children’s play park that is fully accessible.”

Stuart Amos: “How do they come.up.with these price tags?”

Clare Down: “Such a lot of money to remove bird poo on a diving board no one can use and a lake we can’t swim in but we will let the Oasis sit there and rot!!

“I’m sure the children of Swindon and many adults would enjoy the Oasis being back in use than looking at a cleaner revamped diving board!”

Kirk Latham: “Not seeing too much love for this White Elephant. Can’t imagine why?”

Phil Crook: “On that pricing I think it will be cheaper to pull down the Locarno, Mechanics, the Museum and Oasis and all the other ‘projects’ as it will be multi millions just for the consultancy fees, mega millions if they actually get sorted.

“If it was grant money that ‘had to be spent’ then the grant people need looking at wasting valuable money like that.”

Phil Crook: “I reckon with a few other local tradesmen we could of done that in a couple of weeks and saved a fortune.”

Gavin Sime: “What an absolute waste of money, should of been put into something that was being used or needed it.”

Lucy Edwards: “It was a grant for a heritage project. The money could not be used for anything else.”

Paula Humphries: “Its iconic, wouldn’t be Coate water without it.”

Lucy Edwards: “People moan that SBC don’t value or protect our heritage assets.

“SBC does something to value and protect a heritage asset. People moan that SBC values ​​and protects a heritage asset. Can’t win.”

Sean McConnell: “Why waste money on a diving board which will never be used and if so should be sponsored by Imodium to all those who swallow the water.”

Steve Matthews: “Such a shame the diving board can’t be used anymore.”

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