Corona del Sol Olympics Keona Peat motivated in football after nearly dying

Keona Peat is grateful for every day he gets up in the morning, let alone playing football.

The Tempe Corona del Sol senior defensive lineman/offensive lineman nearly died in June 2021 after undergoing surgery for a broken leg. He fractured his tibia playing basketball. Peat had an allergic reaction to medication he was given, he said.

“It was almost fatal,” Peat said. “I coded about three times in the hospital. I had a month stay in the hospital.”

Because of the reaction to medication, Peat could not have the leg surgery done as scheduled. That came later. There were complications. He had to be intubated in ICU for three days. An injury to his vocal chord while intubated caused temporary paralysis to his vocal chord. He said he also sustained nerve damage in his left arm. For a while, he was unable to lift his arm.

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