Dallas Duggan speaks on TC girls basketball tenure | Perry County News

TELL CITY — Dallas Duggan resigned on Tuesday, July 11 from being the Tell City girls basketball coach. Duggan, will move in another direction but appreciated his time in Tell City.

For two years, Duggan became part of Tell City whether it was in the classroom or in the community. As he describes his two years, he explains how he wanted to approach this job as being involved with the community, and committed to the school.

“I lived in Tell City for approximately 26 months,” Duggan said. During that time I tried to invest myself into the entirety of the school, not just the basketball program as well as the community. I found Tell City to be an incredibly welcoming community and a wonderful place to live, As for Tell City High School, it was just wonderful. The school is blessed with marvelous administrators, fantastic support staff and teachers who are working long, underappreciated hours to provide their students with great educational opportunities. As for my time as the basketball coach, I had the privilege of working with many intelligent, mostly multi-sport, athletes. While the program, in my opinion, did improve over my time as the coach, I felt the improvement was incremental at best, which falls on my shoulders, not the athletes.”

For how he feels about leaving, he hopes the future can be great for the girls basketball program no matter who comes into being the new coach.

“My dreams for Tell City are not any different than any other coach would want for their program,” Duggan said. “I hope for the program is that the girls continue to aspire for greatness and that at some point, hopefully in the near future, the sports world is talking about the great turnaround in Tell City Girls Basketball.”

For how Duggan sees the team moving forward, he sees the conference they are in (The Pocket Athletic Conference) as an incredibly difficult conference with two state championships last season. Forest Park and Tecumseh cut down the nets and for Tell City to get to that level, Duggan believes it comes down to the weight room.

“Tell City is a member of the Pocket Athletic Conference which is made up of 13 teams: 8 are IHSAA 3A schools, 4 are 2A schools and 1 is a 1A school,” Duggan said. “Last year, two of those schools, Forest Park and Tecumseh won State Championships in basketball. The only way that Tell City is going to be able to compete in the PAC is to have the girls accept the fact that they must spend time in the weight room, getting physically stronger, as well as dedicating more time towards basketball to improve their specific skills in that sport. We spent the last week of June working with the incoming 5th through 8th graders. High School players were present working with the younger girls in an attempt to assist them in learning the skills they need to possess when they arrive in high school. It will be up to the new coaching staff as to whether such a program will continue in the future.”


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