FIFA 23 Reveals Deep Dive Into Pro Clubs Feature

The FIFA games have consistently been among the best-selling sports games, with each installment selling millions of copies, thanks to its devoted fanbase. Soccer fans worldwide eagerly await the release of the latest installment in the FIFA game series every year. The most recent installment of this venerable soccer video game franchise is FIFA 23. As the final FIFA game developed by EA Sports, FIFA 23 was unveiled in a trailer that emphasized the game’s gameplay, visuals, animations, and commentary.


Recently, EA released another FIFA 23 trailer that revealed information about the newly introduced features in Career Mode. This trailer provided in-depth details on exciting features such as Player Career Personality, Playable Highlights, Authentic Managers, and a few others. EA has now unveiled another trailer focusing on the new features in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs. The trailer discusses in-depth features such as the new shared progression system, drop-ins, new perks, and new skill games.

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The newly introduced “Shared Progression System” will allow the player to simultaneously have both social modes, Pro Clubs and Volta, in the main menu. It will allow players to make purchases with Volta coins and bring their rewards back to Pro Clubs to show off on the field. Pro Clubs in FIFA 23 will also freshen up the “Drop-ins” experience with kits, new stadiums, distinct visual experiences, and eight new drop-in-specific kits. Drop-ins will now have four-minute halves and golden goal extra time with no penalties for a quicker experience.

Following feedback from the FIFA community, EA has introduced many new changes regarding Perks. Perks will now have many more levels, and the amount of XP required to advance from one level to the next has been reduced to increase the frequency of exciting moments and rewards. A total of four new perks are set to be introduced, including two defensive-based Perks named “Chase Down” and “Interceptor” and two attacking-based Perks called “Chance Creation” and “Poacher.”

The defensive Perks are activated when a player loses possession and comes in handy while retrieving the ball. While the attacking-based Perk “Chance Creation” helps control passes better, the “Poacher” perk boosts all shooting attributes when the player is in the 18-yard box. EA has also introduced a new Pro Club-specific leaderboard for “Skill Games” to make them more competitive.

With the release of the final entry just around the corner, it’s only natural that fans are discussing probable player ratings of their favorite players. Fans of the community have started countless discussions on social media predicting the most significant rating upgrades, downgrades, and the highest-rated FIFA 23 players. Luckily, players will get to check out many of the features of the game in less than two months.

FIFA 23 releases on September 30 for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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