JudoInside – News – An introduction to Judo and the hobbies around it for newcomers

This article will discuss the positive effects of judo, a popular martial art. All the information you need to know about the sport, including how it began, the guidelines, and how you can get involved, will be provided to you.

Benefits to Your Health

The lack of kicking or striking in judo makes it a reasonably safe sport for people of all ages to participate in. It’s a great way to build strength, agility, and flexibility in the legs and arms, as well as strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Judo is accessible and open to individuals with a wide range of disabilities. Judo is the perfect sport for blind or visually impaired people due to the close contact involved.

How to start judo training

If you’ve always wanted to give judo a try, the best place to start is with a legitimate club that has certified instructors on staff. A Judo or a martial arts club can be found in almost every town. In most gyms, judo and/or martial arts classes are available to gym members. Searching for judo clubs and reading customer reviews on them can be done on Google, so don’t be afraid to go beyond your local area to find them.

Judo’s specialized outfits

“Judogi” is the name given to the uniforms worn by Judo competitors (also known as “Judokas”).

‘zubon’ and ‘uwagi’ are the names of judo pants and jackets, respectively. Competitors’ skill levels are indicated by the color of their belts, with a black belt representing the highest level of ability.

One participant will be dressed entirely in blue, while the other will be dressed entirely in white.

Referees in the sport

A fight is overseen by a panel of three officials who act as referees. While 2 others sit in opposite corners, the contest is overseen by a central referee who moves around the mat. There must be at least two people in agreement for a decision to take effect.

As long as there hasn’t already been an “Ippon” awarded, an Olympic match lasts five minutes for male “judokas” and four minutes for female “judokas.”

Olympic integration

Men’s judo was added to the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 at the proposal of the host nation Japan. For the first time, women’s judo became a full Olympic gold event in 1992. As a result, we started seeing a lot of new wagers placed on these matches.

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Jiu-jitsu is the root of judo. However, it differs from its mother art in a number of ways.

Judo was made to be a bit less aggressive than jiu-jitsu. Jiu-jitsu was originally developed for use in samurai combat and consists of techniques such as throwing an opponent on their head, dislocating their bones and choking them until they pass out. It’s a street and battlefield self-defense technique.

As a martial art, Judo is not intended to be lethal. When Kano Jigoro Shihan first established the art and his dojo, the Kodokan, he had the intention that the art would be used for the purpose of spiritual growth; however, in practice, it became a source for physical education.

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