Man arrested at Carson City Bowling Alley for screaming at, ‘freaking out’ bowlers | Carson City Nevada News

A 49-year-old transient man was arrested at a local bowling alley after allegedly “freaking out” other bowlers.

According to the arrest report, deputies were dispatched to the bowling alley around 3 pm in reference to an irate man scaring bowlers.

Upon arrival, deputies met with a manager who stated he wanted the man trespassed indefinitely. A camper in the RV section had reported to him that a man had screamed at her near the women’s restrooms.

The man was told that he could not be on the property, at which point he walked from the RV section into the bowling alley.

Soon after, the manager received several more complaints stating that the man was yelling and screaming inside the bowling alley, and that customers were “freaked out” by the man’s behavior, according to the report.

When the manager approached the man for the second time, the man stated he could not breathe and wanted an ambulance.

The manager then called deputies and the fire department. Deputies made contact with the man, who at first could not identify himself, and was “babbling incoherent sentences,” according to the report.

The fire department arrived and checked the man’s vitals, stating that he “showed no sign of a medical issue.”

Deputies detained the man for failing to identify himself. Finally, while detained in the back of the vehicle, the man gave deputies his information.

He was taken to jail and booked for disturbing the peace.

Bail: $242

— A 40-year-old transient woman was arrested for disorderly conduct and obstructing after allegedly yelling at people and camping in a local park.

Just before 8 am, deputies were dispatched to the park by a park ranger who stated the woman was yelling at people in the park and wanted her removed.

When deputies arrived on scene, the ranger stated the woman had been camping in the park and had been told to leave several times. The deputy stated this was the third time they had dealt with the woman in the park that week for the same issue.

Deputies spoke with the woman, who “was not listening to (their) commands to pack her things and move out of the park,” according to the report. The woman spoke over the deputy, turned her back to them, rolled on the ground, ate food, and covered her face with a shirt.

Deputies “commanded her to stop doing these things, and she continued to do them,” according to the deputy.

At one point, the woman attempted to walk away from the deputy, and she was placed in handcuffs.

She was taken to jail and booked for disorderly conduct and obstructing.

Bail: $654

All information for the crime log (unless otherwise noted) comes from the arrest reports supplied by the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, and is considered by law to be public information. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The policy of Carson Now is to name anyone who is arrested for a felony offense.


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