The Crime Corner: Golf club thief doesn’t get a mulligan, Man fires gun to unlock his car

Golf club thief doesn’t get a mulligan

Last week, Kent Police received a report of a stolen golf club valued at $500 from a golf course clubhouse in DuPont. The reporting party advised that he had a serial number and surveillance footage of the suspect and that the golf club was listed for sale on OfferUp.

Our Community Resource Unit contacted the seller & set up a meeting. The seller, the suspect from the surveillance footage, arrived with the stolen merchandise. He was arrested and booked into jail for possession of the stolen property.

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Seattle Detectives requesting man to be charged with murder after bludgeoning with a metal pole

Seattle Police Detectives are requesting a 48-year-old man be charged with murder after the 66-year-old man was bludgeoned with a metal pole last week and died from his injuries.

SPD says on August 2, just after 3:00 pm, an officer near 3rd Avenue and Pike Street witnessed a man beating another man with a large metal pole. Officers took the suspect into custody and began first aid on the victim.

Upon arrival, Seattle Fire Department medics took over treatment and rushed the victim to Harborview Medical Center. The victim later died from his injuries on August 6.

The suspect remains in King County Jail.

Man shoots out window to unlock car

Last Friday, Aug. 5, at 6:11 am, Seattle Police Officers responded to a report of a male who had shot his car window at a Shell Station. The reporting party said the suspect had been told the store was closed, but the gas pumps were available.

The caller said the suspect returned to his car and realized he had locked his keys inside. He allegedly removed a handgun from his pocket, unloaded it, and then pistol-whipped the window.

Unable to break the window, the suspect reloaded his gun and shot the window. The man got into his car and drove off. Police officers collected evidence, and they are searching for the suspect.

Man rams cop car with stolen vehicle

Kent Police say early Saturday morning, a Kent Police Officer patrolling the area near East Russel and Central Ave South, observed a truck loaded with pallets previously stolen in Tacoma.

The officer said the truck refused to stop for a Kent Officer earlier in the shift. Due to restrictions on pursuits, the first officer could not pursue the stolen vehicle then.

The Officer and his Sergeant attempted to pull over the stolen truck, but the driver again refused to yield. They followed him into a nearby cul-de-sac, where the driver put the stolen vehicle into reverse and intentionally rammed the front of the Sergeant’s patrol car.

Officers say the suspect chose to drive over multiple residential lawns and hit an uninvolved vehicle while speeding off, causing significant damage.

Because the suspect violently and intentionally rammed the Sergeant’s occupied vehicle, a pursuit was authorized. Kent Officers pursued the vehicle a short distance and used their patrol cars to pin the truck in place when he entered another cul-de-sac.

In an attempt to escape, the suspect aggressively rammed the driver’s side of the Sergeant’s vehicle. Once he made contact, he began revving his engine, driving the truck into the Sergeant’s door. These actions burned a hole in the Police car door while the Sergeant sat trapped inside.

The suspect was given multiple commands via the patrol car’s public announcement system to stop, turn off the car, and show his hands, and he refused. Eventually, the suspect exited the vehicle and tried to run away but was arrested by Kent Officers, who had responded to assist. The suspect physically resisted arrest, and a struggle ensued.

Police arrested the 33-year-old Kent man July 22, 2022, on a King County felony warrant for Eluding Police. He has 31 prior convictions, including 8 felonies, 15 gross misdemeanors, 8 misdemeanors, and 5 non-classified crimes. His felony convictions include 2 assaults, 1 robbery, and 3 vehicle thefts.

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