Things That Set It Apart From Rocket League

Rocket League has undoubtedly made a splash in the gaming industry for the better. By putting fun over realism, it has become one of the most popular sports games in gaming. Because of that popularity, the game has become accessible to players who don’t even play sports games. This has allowed the game to grow to what it is today, and encouraged other developers to experiment within the genre of unconventional sports games

Turbo Golf Racing takes the best aspects of games like Rocket League spirit Mario Kartand makes them even more fun, allowing the game to stand on its own. Even though both games share a lot in common, they are still different from one another.


5 It’s A Racing Game

This is probably the main difference between the two: Turbo Golf Racing plays as a racing game but with a spin. Whereas Rocket League is more based on the arena-type sport like soccer, Turbo Golf Racing use a course. This can make the game rather hard to play, but thankfully, the racing elements are easier than the actual golfing. And because it’s a racing game, players won’t rely on teammates as much.

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In Turbo Golf Racing, players will have to focus on both staying in first place, and also making sure they get the balls quickly. This can make the game just as entertaining as other games like it. Rocket League uses a simple approach to its formula: players shoot the ball in the opponent’s net, which makes it fun. But, Turbo Golf Racing takes that formula and adds the element of racing, making it just as entertaining.

4 Cars Can Fly

One of the best things about Rocket League is its expansive car roster, which features cars from both pop culture and original concepts. Turbo Golf Racing shares those features, with even more vehicles being added. However, the difference is how both games make their car mechanics work. Rocket League will have players boosting, driving up walls, and doing spins, all to avoid other players or to get the ball. In Turbo Golf Racing, players have more freedom with movement because the maps are bigger.

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That freedom comes in the form of flying, or gliding. This is a great way for players to dodge attacks coming from others, and make sure they get through each ring. The gliding adds the vertical element. It’s a great way for players to get an advantage over others. However, players should note that while they can fly, it can only be done in certain areas. Thankfully, when the option is available, the game tells players they can fly.

3 Different Sports

Turbo Golf Racing is primarily about golfing and racing, so the gameplay is a little more complicated than that of Rocket League. On the surface level, playing a golf game this way may not seem that it would work. But because Turbo Golf Racing is not a true golf game, this allows more players to get into the game a lot easier. It’s a lot like what Rocket League has done for soccer.

Since both games have similar mechanics when it comes to playing their respective sport, car control plays a huge role as well. Because Turbo Golf Racing is a racing game on top of being a golf game, having good car control can help players score first place. However, since Turbo Golf Racing is a different sport, the aspects that players have mastered in Rocket League can get transferred over, including the air maneuvers like flips and dashes.

2 Pick Ups

Rocket League is much tamer with these elements, only offering boots to players. but in Turbo Golf Racing there’s much more going on. Much like in Mario Kart, players can pick up items that can give them offensive or defensive capabilities, which makes racing a lot more interesting. These boosts can change the course of the match as it goes. This can make things more frustrating for players, especially newer ones.

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But these pick-ups equalize the race. If one player is dead last, they can get a pick-up that can make them catch up more quickly. These things allow the game to be deeper and more entertaining. Rocket League has all players starting off as equal, and the thing that separates them is the skill of each player. In Turbo Golf Racing, those pick-ups replace the skill. Now all players can have an equal chance of winning.

1 Cores

Rocket League has many modes that change up the flow of the game; for example, the Mutator Mode adds variables to each match like taking away gravity, or infinite speed boosts. Turbo Golf Racing is more on demand. Cores are skills that enhance the player’s abilities and are split into two categories: passive and active. Passive skills are always on, like having the ball always roll to the player like a magnet. Meanwhile, active skills require players to turn them on manually. They can make the ball smaller, or allow players to use more dashes.

Cores make every match different, because players can equip different ones prior to the match. These cores add another layer to an otherwise simple game Unlike Rocket League, Turbo Golf Racing makes every player unique in their own right, and that comes from the cores. Turbo Golf Racing can be hard to play, so these cores make the learning curve easier to handle.

Turbo Golf Racing is available now on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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