Wakefield Eyes New Street Hockey Rink, Basketball Court Resurfacing

WAKEFIELD, MA — Next steps in a series of renovations at Wakefield’s Moulton Field will likely include basketball court resurfacing and a new street hockey rink alongside a previously planned fitness court, Town Administrator Stephen Maio told the Town Council last week.

While far from a done deal, the Boston Bruins may also chip in to support part of the upcoming work, Maio added.

“This is really going to be a centerpiece for the area,” Maio said of the eventually renovated park. “People will really enjoy it.”

Maio spoke during the Wakefield Town Council’s meeting last Monday, building on a prior presentation in May focused on the fitness court at Moulton Field.

The court will be funded by a $50,000 grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield and $100,000 from Wakefield’s American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) allocation. It will essentially be an outdoor gym space, joining a network of similar fitness courts coordinated by the National Fitness Campaign.

Since May, Maio said, town staff have conducted outreach to residents around Moulton Field to gauge opinions on where to place the court within the much larger Moulton space.

The town is now planning to build close to Moulton Field’s existing parking lot, behind the first base dugout at the park’s baseball field. Concrete for the court could be poured soon to let the space open to the public by the end of September, Maio said.

From there, the town is looking to dig into plans for “phase two” portions of Moulton Field work. That will likely include the street hockey rink, the basketball court resurfacing and possible bocce courts all in what will become a tight complex of facilities around the fitness court, Maio said.

“That’s going to be a real fun complex,” he said.

Citing neighbor feedback, Maio acknowledged that the planned placement of these facilities lands them close to existing homes on nearby Gould Street.

Maio promised ample screening to ensure privacy in that area.

“We will take care of all that,” he said.

The Town Council already approved the $100,000 ARPA allocation to help fund the fitness court. On Monday, multiple councilors again voiced support for the project.

While the town is clear on funding for its fitness court work, specifics on phase two funding remain to be determined as of this week, Maio confirmed to Patch.

The town has been in touch with the Boston Bruins organization, which may contribute funding to the street hockey rink. Phase two projects could additionally draw on a combination of ARPA money, other grants and/or taxpayer money.

Maio told Patch that he did not have an estimate for the total cost of phase two projects, saying he would bring an estimate back to the Town Council once one was available.

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