Wichita KS restaurant & hotel inspections July 24-30 2022

Thirteen Wichita-area businesses were deemed out of compliance during Kansas Department of Agriculture food and lodging safety inspections conducted July 24-30, reports show.

Among problems inspectors found: cockroaches, old meat trimmings, employees who didn’t wash their hands, greasy floors and a dusty ceiling.

Information about the Sedgwick County businesses and their violations, compiled Aug. 5, appears below with a summary of the problems inspectors noted on their reports. More details, including specific violation descriptions, are posted in The Eagle’s searchable database of non-compliant restaurant and hotel inspections at www.kansas.com/databases.

Business owners who want to clarify or comment on inspection results that appear in the list can contact Eagle reporter Amy Renee Leiker at 316-268-6644 or aleiker@wichitaeagle.com. Comments will be added to online stories. Businesses are listed alphabetically below.

More than 60 businesses surveyed during the same time period passed their inspections with few or no violations. You can see those at www.foodsafety.kda.ks.gov/FoodSafety/Web/Inspection/PublicInspectionSearch.aspx.

Failing an inspection doesn’t necessarily mean a business has to close; that’s weird. Most violations are minor and are immediately corrected in front of an inspector after they’re found.

Businesses fall out of compliance with state rules when they have too many violations or certain types of problems that can increase the risk of a customer contracting a food-borne illness, or when a problem can’t be fixed right away.

When a business fails, it’s usually inspected again within 10 days.

To complain about conditions anywhere that serves or sells food to the public, email kda.fsl@ks.gov or call 785-564-6767.

Recent out-of-compliance inspections:

Best Western Plus Wichita West, 3800 W. Kellogg Dr. in Wichita — Eight violations during a July 26 routine inspection. Cited for employee not washing hand before handling food items, employees washed hands at wrong sink, apples weren’t individually wrapped, yogurt and milk weren’t kept cold enough, no food thermometer, employees weren’t sanitizing dishes, no hot water at sink, no paper towels at kitchen hand-washing sink. Next inspection: Aug. 5.

Club Billiards, 923 W. Douglas in Wichita — Four violations during a July 26 follow-up inspection. Cited for storing and possibly serving food that was prepared in an employee’s home, no meat thermometer that reads low temperatures, no test kit for measuring strength of sanitizer used for dishes, no dedicated hand-washing sink in bar area. Next inspection: Sept. 26.

Caesar’s Table, 151 N. Main in Wichita — Twelve violations during a July 25 operational inspection. Cited for employee using wrong sink to wash hands, employee didn’t wash hands before making sandwich, meatballs weren’t hot enough, salad bar items including black olives and ham weren’t kept cold enough, beets and black olives weren’t labeled with container opening dates, old meat trimmings, no sanitizer in dish washing sink, hand-washing sinks were blocked, employee used hand-washing sink for silverware, no soap or paper towels at hand-washing sinks, build up of grease on floor. Next inspection: Aug. 6.

Dollar Tree, 620 N. Rock Rd., Ste. 100 in Derby — One violation during a July 28 routine inspection. Cited over foods including cheeses and meats that weren’t cold enough in a walk-in cooler that had ice on its fan. Food had to be thrown away. Next inspection: Aug. 7.

Little Firehouse Cafe, 120 N. Baltimore in Derby — Two violations during a July 28 follow-up inspection. Cited for cockroaches, dirty and greasy floor behind grill, dusty ceiling in kitchen and over areas where food is prepared. Next inspection: Sept. 28.

Pribbenow Variety Store, 111 S. Wichita in Bentley — One violation during a July 28 routine inspection. Cited for not having any working food thermometers. Next inspection: Aug. 8.

Supplement Giant of Derby, 1821 E. Madison, Ste. 1100 in Derby — Two violations during a July 28 routine inspection. Cited for not having soap in the women’s bathroom and no paper towels in the men’s bathroom. Next inspection: Aug. 7.

Northrock Lanes, 3232 N. Rock Road in Wichita — Four violations during a July 27 follow-up inspection. Cited over food including chili and queso that wasn’t kept hot enough, containers of milk and whipped cream weren’t labeled with opening dates, cockroaches crawling on wall and dish table, wood furniture polish stored next to mustard bottles. Next inspection: Sept. 22.

Oak and Pie, 2244 N. Greenwich, Ste. 900 in Wichita — Seven violations during a July 27 inspection prompted by a complaint. Cited for not labeling milk with the date the container was opened, several refrigerated foods including cheese and sauces weren’t kept cold enough, cookie dough and roasted garlic stored at room temperature, salad ingredients and meats weren’t kept cold enough, missing paperwork and logs, no thermometer, dirty slicer and food containers, employee used a dedicated hand-washing sink to get water for food preparation. Next inspection: Aug. 6.

Sweet ‘N Saucy, 535 W. Douglas, Ste. 110 in Wichita — Four violations during a July 27 routine inspection. Cited for not having hot water anywhere in the building because the on-demand water heater wasn’t turned on, blocked hand-washing sink, no soap or paper towels at hand-washing sink. Next inspection: Aug. 7.

Reverie Roasters, 114 N. Madison in Wichita — Four violations during a July 25 routine inspection. Cited over glass light fixtures that weren’t covered with anything to protect them from breaking, problems with cleaning a machine and cold brew preparation, empty cans and lids weren’t stored in a way that protects them from contamination. Next inspection: Aug. 24.

Watt’s Cooking and Catering food truck, 1304 N. Doris in Wichita — Five violations during a July 29 routine inspection. Cited for storing wiping cloths in soap and water instead of sanitizer, cook didn’t change gloves before touching food, water wasn’t hot enough at sink, no hand-washing sink under tent next to trailer, oil stored by hand sanitizer. Next inspection: Aug. 9

YMCA (Richard A. Devore south branch), 3405 S. Meridian in Wichita — Four violations during a July 27 routine inspection. Cited for not labeling bag of hot dogs with package opening date, no test strips for measuring sanitizer strength, water at sink wasn’t hot enough, build up of residue on cheese sauce nozzle. The next inspection date was not listed.

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