A Romantic Dive for Two in a Tahitian Lagoon

Visitors to the Pacific Island Atoll of Rangiroa describe a 700-strong “wall of sharks” that can be seen while diving there. Encounters with the majestic creatures are common in French Polynesia, and if you truly want to experience the beauty of the South Pacific Ocean, diving in French Polynesia is a bucket list must.

Vatea Aline, the owner of Tahitian company Top Dive, spoke with From The Deck’s Iolande Skinner at the Sydney International Boat Show about diving in some of the most biodiverse waters in the world.

Diving in the warm waters of Tahiti is some of the best in the world Source: Tahiti Tourisme

[We have] beautiful islands, we have volcano islands, we have atolls. We have great people, always smiling, always happy to welcome tourists and customers, great culture as well. Lots of dance shows, flowers, [it’s] pretty much paradise.

Vatea Aline, Owner, Top Dive

Aline mentioned the country’s excellent safety record reflected in an incredibly low crime rate and highlighted the spectacular scenery, making the collection of picturesque islands in the South Pacific something of a utopia. However, it’s below the waves where the true wealth of this wonderful, friendly nation reveals itself.

Apart from swimming very close to multiple species of shark, diving in the Society Islands brings you close to many other species of marine life. A kaleidoscope of colors greets those who choose to stick to the shallows, even just snorkelling the coral reefs can be a life-changing experience.

Top Dive do whale sightseeing
Get up close to humpback whales from August to October | Source: Top Dive Tahiti

But for those who have a scuba diving certificate, Top Dive offers diving tours ranging between 20 and 30 meters deep, all around French Polynesia. They provide free Nitrox, which means dives are longer and there is less recovery time after each dive.

Safety is a priority for the operator, so a captain stays on board the diving vessel at all times, monitoring those underwater. Private boats can be booked for small groups or even couples and Top Dive offers a special romantic dive.

The ‘Blue Honeymoon Dive’ gives you and a special someone a private dive in turquoise blue water where you will encounter peaceful sea turtles and small fish. It’s a unique experience and as the name implies, perfect for a French Polynesian honeymoon.

Top Dive Tahiti
The Blue Honeymoon Dive is perfect for couples Source: Top Dive

Top Dive offers diving packages ranging in price from approximately A$700 for six dives to A$2,150 for 20 dives in eight dive centers across seven islands.

Diving in French Polynesia can be a very exciting experience, as you witness majestic whales up close and the enduring mystery of sharks surround you as you explore some of the last remaining truly untouched parts of the Earth.

If the South Pacific seems too far away, take a look at some of the best marinas right here in Australia. Iolande Skinner spoke with Coral Sea Marina From The Deck about how to make the most of your getaway in the Whitsundays. Surrounded by pristine beaches and crystal clear waters on your doorstep, the Whitsundays offer many options to enjoy an indulgent island-hopping vacation.

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