Auburn basketball falls to Israel National Team 95-86

Tigers need to finish a defensive possession without a foul or a bucket. They do just that to start. KD Johnson gets a foul in transition. Two free throws, Auburn down by eight. Broome gets a block, Westry draws a foul. Israel has a player down.

Johnson misses, gets the ball back, and draws a foul. Two more free throws for KD, and Auburn is down by six. Israel turns it over. Important possession for the Tigers.

Johnson puts his defender on the floor but misses the three. Foul on Israel on the rebound. Donaldson hits a midrange, and the lead is four. 64-68. Auburn gets a steal, and Chris Moore gets fouled. Tigers applying pressure, timeout Israel.

Moore makes the first, misses the second – but Israel knocks it out of bounds, Tiger ball. Donaldson too strong on a jumper. Israel misses a three. Johni Broome gets a tip in after a Johnson miss, and the lead is now one. Foul on Chris Moore. Israel breaks the drought with two free throws.

KD Johnson turns it over, Israel jumper. Lead is back to five. Johnson misses, Moore turns it over. Auburn foul. Auburn losing their momentum.

Israel Layup makes it a seven point lead. Auburn misses a shot. Tigers need a basket. Green draws a foul. He makes both free throws to make it 69-74. Green has 17 points.

A layup rims out for Israel, and Auburn gets it back. Turnover. Kick ball saves an easy layup. Offensive foul on Avdija. Green gets blocked, and Israel gets a bucket on the other end. 69-76. Jasper gets knocked down, no foul. Foul and one for Israel, and that likely will do it. The lead is back to 10 after Auburn cut it to one.

Broome gets a layup. and Green fouls Israel for no apparent reason. Free throws.

Jasper gets thrown to the ground again, this time a foul. Jasper cuts it to seven. 73-80. Broome gets called for a questionable reaching foul. 41 free throws for Israel. They’ve made 30 of them.

Avdija gets called for his fourth foul. Broome misses his free throws, but Moore is there on the second to tap it in. Baseball pass intercepted by Broome, Green drives in and gets fouled, and Avdija (25 points) has fouled out with two minutes and change to go.

Green hits both free throws to get it back to five. Johnson fouls when he doesn’t need to. Lead is back to seven.

Johnson gets the two back with a quick layup. Israel is fouled on a shot. Johnson is upset, but he did foul.

Israel hits both free throws, and Broome gets a layup. Hold on Chance Westry. Tigers fouling when they don’t need to. Pearl is not happy. “Quit fouling him,” Pearl yells at Westry after fouling the same player over and over again. Israel makes both free throws.

Auburn steal. Tigers have three tips miss, and Israel gets a dunk. That might do it. Broome gets a jumpsuit to go. 92-83. Israel gets a lob. Green fogs up a three and Israel will hold it. Nope- three ball from the wing. 95-83, lead is back to 12. Jasper hits a three at the end, and Auburn loses 86-95.


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