BGISD announces additions for the 2022 school year, BGHS construction update

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – The Bowling Green Independent School District has been working throughout the summer to enhance safety plans and provide a better environment for students and staff.

The Board of Education discussed major topics for the upcoming school year. A hearing was held prior to the Board of Education meeting to discuss added internet safety.

IT officials say, “We’re moving to something new called Two-Factor Authentication. ‘Does anybody know what that is or experienced that before?’ If you go on Apple, you get, ‘Are you on this device, or is one of your children trying to access the App Store? Are they on this device?’ We’re launching that all across the district for all staff members.”

Superintendent Gary Fields says the roundabout is expected to open on Wednesday, and the Alliance Corporation gave an update on other construction at Bowling Green High School.

“The auxiliary gym is now done. We can’t go into it yet. It’s still in the cure process, but we fully expect that to be ready for the first day of school. The connector corridor which is going to let you guys get from the pool and the kitchen and all those spaces back over to Phase Two and Phase One…that’s on track other than just some finishing touches. That’s ready to go. It’s going to be ready for the first day of school. The student parking lot…we’ve been working hard all summer, and that also is on track to be done before the first day of school,” says Kevin Hitchell with Alliance Corporation.

Important personnel additions are also coming to the school district. This includes a third full-time Student and Family Counselor and two new School Resource Officers in partnership with the Warren County Sheriff’s Office.

Superintendent Fields says, “Because of the law that’s in place, it allows them to hire retired officers to come back and work in retirement as School Resource Officers. City police departments are not a part of that law, only the County Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff Hightower was able to work to provide two officers this school year, and so, this decision was made by our leadership team in consultation with some of our principal’s to place one of the officers at the Bowling Green Junior High School, and the other officer will float between our five elementary schools and the BGLC campus.”

Officials say they are excited to come together and ensure the safety and welfare of their students.

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