“It is impossible not to love Roger Federer, unique and unrepeatable!”

An ad film featuring Roger Federer brought smiles to the faces of many fans, who praised the Swiss tennis great for his generosity and spirit. He lived up to a promise he made to a young tennis player five years ago, much to the surprise and delight of the youngster who will remember the moment for a long, long time.

In a video shot by Italian food company Barilla, a flashback moment to the 2017 US Open showed young Izyan Ahmad requesting the Swiss player to play on for a few more years so he could play him in a professional match one day. Now 11 years old, Ahmad is one of the top players on the junior circuit and was recently in Zurich for a round of training. There, he was surprised by his idol.

Barilla and the Swiss player set up the perfect plan where Ahmad, nicknamed ‘Zizou’, was greeted by fans before the 20-time Grand Slam champion himself came out of hiding to keep his promise of playing a match with Ahmad. Reacting to the video on Twitter on the occasion of the Swiss player’s 41st birthday, fans praised Roger Federer for his gesture.

“It is impossible not to love Roger Federer… Unique and unrepeatable!” said a reaction on Twitter.

At first, Ahmad could not believe that the 41-year-old tennis great was standing right in front of him. They played a few rallies, with Federer complimenting and advising Ahmad while playing.

Meanwhile, another fan expressed how the Swiss player continues to inspire generations around the world.

“This is so wonderful. I remember watching Roger Federer play his very first game at Wimbledon and thought then that he was very special. More than 20 years later he continues to inspire countless millions with his grace, his charm and his extraordinary generosity,” said the tweet.


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